Hamas and Fascism – does the shoe fit?

My stream of consciousness regarding Hamas and Fascism started with a thought experiment about how Hamas got to power through elections.

44% of Gaza’s population VOTED for Hamas (,_2006)— for two reasons: 1. because Fatah was corrupt (and still is and so is Hamas and 2. because Hamas’ Islamic ideology, as explicitly presented in their Charter (similar to Mein Kampf), states their intent is to conquer ALL of Israel,  that Jews are the source of the world’s evils that this evil must be eliminated to create a proper Islamic nation in the land. You will see how this connects to the core underpinnings of Fascism.

If you don’t believe me, watch this celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Hamas in 2012 after the last battle we had with them. And this is from BBC — not exactly our friends. How quickly the world forgets.  Look at the crowds. I must tell you watching this reminded me of Hitler’s gatherings.   I am trying to find a translation of the entire 3 hours of their anti-Semitic rant but if you know Arabic, have fun: .

Hitler, too, was first elected to office before he staged his coup — similar to Hamas. So from here, my thought experiment went to how Hamas and 20th century Fascism are related.

I must digress a moment regarding Hamas’ charter. It is so important for you to read through Hamas’ founding document.  Frankly, it is CRITICAL that you read it.   The Wikipedia piece on it discuses whether this was repudiated or not. (  It reminds me of the debate before WW II on whether Hitler really believed in what he wrote in Mein Kampf or was it for “internal consumption”.  This seems to be the constant game played by people who want to get Hamas out of their racist box.  It is nonsense.  I must waste some ink pasting some quotes from their Charter because I know many of us will still avoid reading it so one sees how completely it reads like Mein Kampf meets Protocols and how deeply antisemitic it really is.      The full text in English is here: 

Hamas’ charter is their Fascist manifesto just like Hitlers’ tomb and I have written an intro sentence to each cite.

 Hamas is a full member of the racist Muslim Brotherhood and the genocide of the Jews in Israel —

Article Seven: The Universality of Hamas

…Hamas is one of the links in the Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion. It links up with the setting out of the Martyr Izz a-din al-Qassam and his brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood who fought the Holy War in 1936; it further relates to another link of the Palestinian Jihad and the Jihad and efforts of the Muslim Brothers during the 1948 War, and to the Jihad operations of the Muslim Brothers in 1968 and thereafter. .. nevertheless, the Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!

All of Israel is Occupied and is all part of the Islamic people

Article Eleven: The Strategy of Hamas: Palestine is an Islamic Waqf

The Islamic Resistance Movement believes that the land of Palestine has been an Islamic Waqf throughout the generations and until the Day of Resurrection, no one can renounce it or part of it, or abandon it or part of it. No Arab country nor the aggregate of all Arab countries, and no Arab King or President nor all of them in the aggregate, have that right… This is the status [of the land] in Islamic Shari’a, and it is similar to all lands conquered by Islam by force, and made thereby Waqf lands upon their conquest, for all generations of Muslims until the Day of Resurrection. 

The world is controlled by the Jews. This is lifted from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  Very scary.

Article Twenty-Two: The Powers which Support the Enemy

The enemies have been scheming for a long time, and they have consolidated their schemes, in order to achieve what they have achieved. They took advantage of key elements in unfolding events, and accumulated a huge and influential material wealth which they put to the service of implementing their dream. This wealth [permitted them to] take over control of the world media such as news agencies, the press, publication houses, broadcasting and the like. [They also used this] wealth to stir revolutions in various parts of the globe in order to fulfill their interests and pick the fruits. They stood behind the French and the Communist Revolutions and behind most of the revolutions we hear about here and there. They also used the money to establish clandestine organizations which are spreading around the world, in order to destroy societies and carry out Zionist interests. Such organizations are: the Freemasons, Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, B’nai B’rith and the like. All of them are destructive spying organizations. They also used the money to take over control of the Imperialist states and made them colonize many countries in order to exploit the wealth of those countries and spread their corruption therein. As regards local and world wars, it has come to pass and no one objects, that they stood behind World War I, so as to wipe out the Islamic Caliphate. They collected material gains and took control of many sources of wealth. They obtained the Balfour Declaration and established the League of Nations in order to rule the world by means of that organization. They also stood behind World War II, where they collected immense benefits from trading with war materials and prepared for the establishment of their state. They inspired the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council to replace the League of Nations, in order to rule the world by their intermediary. There was no war that broke out anywhere without their fingerprints on it…


So the analogy to Hitler and Fascism has many dimensions.  First, here is a clip of a 1940 rally where Hitler decried Churchill’s attack on German civilians — I kid you not.  The parallel to what we are suffering in Israel is just so there. Hamas launches missiles and cries to the world that they are being attacked. I need to quote this from Wikipedia ( :

“7 September 1940 and 21 May 1941 there were major aerial raids (attacks in which more than 100 tonnes of high explosives were dropped) on 16 British cities. Over a period of 267 days (almost 37 weeks), London was attacked 71 times, Birmingham, Liverpool and Plymouth eight times, Bristol six, Glasgow five, Southampton four, Portsmouth and Hull three, and there was also at least one large raid on another eight cities. This was a result of a rapid escalation starting on 24 August 1940, when night bombers aiming for RAF airfields drifted off course and accidentally destroyed several London homes, killing civilians, combined with the UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s immediate response of bombing Berlin on the following night. Starting on 7 September 1940, London was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 57 consecutive nights. More than one million London houses were destroyed or damaged, and more than 40,000 civilians were killed, almost half of them in London. Ports and industrial centres outside London were also heavily attacked. The major Atlantic sea port of Liverpool was also heavily bombed, causing nearly 4,000 deaths within the Merseyside area during the war…” 

40,000 Brits civilians were killed in that Blitz, yet here is Hitler saying the Germans also felt wronged.. we all know today that Hitler was evil. Period. There is absolute evil even though the Western mind has a hard time wrapping itself around this concept. Hamas is fascist and evil even with the patina of being a social organization.  The fact that even a single Brit accepts Hamas’ narrative on  Israel, given what Hitler did to London, is just plain sick (this just happened the other day:  Thank God for the Iron Dome — created after Hezbollah launched 4,000 missiles into the North in 2006 (some landing a few hundred feet from where I live in Rosh Pina).

We are having in the world a major crisis of leadership and I hope this does not compromise future generations in terms of paying the piper.  It is amazing that 70 years after WW II we are, again, compromising with the evil of fascism which has now mutated and has been absorbed as an integral part Fascist Islamic ideology. This has become possible, in part, because Islam does not differentiate between religion and State in any way.  If one reads a basic definition of Fascism ( it states, in part, “Fascists sought to unify their nation through an authoritarian state that promoted the mass mobilization of the national community and were characterized by having leadership that initiated a revolutionary political movement aiming to reorganize the nation along principles according to fascist ideology. Fascist movements shared certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalism and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations.”

Sounds familiar? This directly relates to the way Islam views nationalism and the State as an extension of it ideology of religious supremacy.  Because it believes in this supremacy, especially in land formally captured in earlier times by expansionist Islamic/Arab rulers (for the most part this is connected to Arab culture, though not completely) it sees Israel (and Spain for that matter) as the first target of their wrath… oh, once they murder Muslims who do not adhere to their brand of theology!  That is why Hamas (and now ISIS) first went about killing their fellow Muslims who would not get with the program. Hitler did this with his fellow Germans first — hence, he build Dachau.

Hamas, as a branded part of the Muslim Brotherhood has this ideology as their world view and that it is why it is so dangerous.  Obama pandered to MB when he gave his Cairo speech and he is an enabler of  MB’s continued attempts to export this ideology throughout the world (MB is aligned with a number of Muslim countries, most notably our NATO “ally” Turkey and, host of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), Qatar) . Our ability to fight this evil first requires us to name it for what it is.

Islam has this really dark side to it that is a petri-dish for fascism, terrorism, antisemitism, anti-Christian, anti-women …  actually, anti anything Western. And no amount of Political Correctness can whitewash this evil.  And they are loud and there are a lot of them and the Muslim world overall is cowered into allowing this.  An underlying virus vector is within the Arab Muslim world that adds very primitive aspects of Arab social dysfunction into the Muslim mix. (Honor and shame is key to this problem. Here is an excellent short overview of the issue:

We cannot simply wish it away with:  let’s not forget the good Muslims. It is certainly true they exist … but we have a major enemy in fascist Islam even if there are good Muslims out there.  We had an enemy in fascist Nazism even if there were  good Christian Germans out there.  In the end, we needed to  bomb major population centers of Germany to defeat this enemy and I am sure good Christian Germans died in the mix.  But the infection was too powerful to differentiate.  Fascist Islam is an enemy we need to defeat and it usually takes a lot of pain in Western democracies until it wakes up to the seriousness of the problem. Generating consensus in liberal societies is both our strength and our weakness.    It’s not about prejudice — its about a war of ideologies and the Western world is in deep trouble over this.

One other thing that makes this Muslim problem worst for us now is that not only must we be dealing with Fascist Islam, we must also deal with their internal struggle between various breeds of radical Sunni Islam trying to kill each other and us (the battle is being reduced – for our benefit – to the battle between pro-Muslim Brotherhood of Qatar and Turkey and anti-MB of Egypt and Saudi Arabia though it is so much more complex since there are variations of a theme that regards even these “righteous” Sunni’s as heretics — note: ISIS, for example and their new Caliphate in Syria/Iraq) and the Sunni-Shiite divide and all the variations therein.  Boy, what a mess. At least during  WW II we did not also have major battles between Catholics and Protestants.  They already had, more or less, their fill of murder and mayhem during the prior few centuries!

We are in a very tough spot and the only solution will ultimately be Hamas’ total defeat — former Pres. Carter is completely wrong and his views are very dangerous for world peace.


About the Author
Sam Solomon is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with experience in the legal, financial and information technology industries. He has been a jury consultant commentator on U.S. television and has rabbinic ordination.