Hamas has been Totally Defeated

If Hamas sought to gain the upper hand against Israel by starting this war, it has completely failed.  Israel has the tacit support of leading Arab Governments including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and perhaps even Fatah to crush Hamas.  A couple years ago with the election of Morsi, Hamas leaders could not too wishfully hope for a new friend to the West.

With the toppling of Morsi, Hamas sees a Egyptian Government more allied with Israel than ever.  Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had always warned the West that the only alternative to his autocratic rule would be the Muslim Brotherhood.  Well, the Egyptian people have tried this alternative, and they seem to have decided they liked the old status quo better.  Israel’s Iron Dome System has done much to neutralize the Hamas rocket threat, and continued American support will ensure that Israel’s missiles defenses only grow stronger in the future.  Qatari aid to Hamas is unfortunate, but as long as Egypt and Israel remain unified in their fight against Hamas, this aid is not likely to save Hamas from its ever growing defeat.

It also appears that Hezbollah and Iran are too tied up in fighting ISIS in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, to do much to help Hamas.  If the claims of the Egyptian Government are true that Hamas sought to involve itself in plots in Egypt, they really failed to learn the lessons from the past.  Terrorism aimed at Egypt invariably trigger a sense of Egyptian nationalism that can be far more powerful than Egypt’s sense of being part of the Arab World.

About the Author
Michael J. Szanto graduated from Northwestern University with a BA and MA in Economics. He received a MS in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. He has over ten years of investment experience. Michael is very involved in politics and teaches courses on international relations and international economics at the University of Miami.