Hamas, is this the best you can do?

Hamas you don’t care how left wing an Israeli Jew is when it comes to peacemaking. It doesn’t matter how much fire one draws from one’s own people in calling for peace. You’ll kill us all just the same. So now you’ve forced me to take my side. No longer am I able to talk about not rushing to kill Palestinians, no longer can I urge peace. For there is no peace to be had. In this atmosphere of combat battle lines have been drawn. You forced me to choose and there was never an instant where I could have doubted.

I am a Jew and I am an Israeli. While I understand that strategically the only way forward is for Israel to be at peace with her neighbors, especially Palestinians, I will not hoist blame onto the shoulders of my politicians for the situation that you have created.

The pain is raining down on you and it’s not going to stop. Not until the streets of Gaza are littered with the bodies of your operatives. You love death as we love life. And so it shall be.

You are the Palestinian tragedy. You are the killers of your own people. You are the ones who are unable to create anything and for all your talk are barely even capable of destroying. Since the time you seized control of Gaza you have managed to do absolutely nothing to help your own citizens. Your disastrous management of Gaza has seen a blockade imposed upon you and poverty rivaling the worst slums on the planet. Your use of media and children’s camps to indoctrinate your own populace into hatred of the Jew at all costs has succeeded only in sickening right thinking people all over the world.

You have insisted upon putting every means at your disposal towards attacking Israel when what you should have done was leave Israel well enough alone and concentrate on building up Gaza. But you knew that and you chose not to anyway.

Your military situation versus Israel is so dire that you have abandoned any strategic objectives in favor of firing unguided rockets into the Israeli heartland. And with these unguided rockets you haven’t managed to kill a single Israeli citizen. And yet still you claim victory. You are so far away from victory that you don’t even know what it looks like.

You have been so pummeled by the Israel Defense Force that you have lowered your benchmark for victory down to mere survival and the ability to fire a tube barely consisting of anything more than wrought iron into Israel. You have proven that you can fire rockets up to a range of 100km into Israel.

You have also proven utterly incapable of doing anything else.

Your attempts to send terrorists to attack Israeli military bases from the sea would have offered IDF commanders cause for concern if they hadn’t been so comically inept. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall at the ops center for your so called “Naval Commandos” when you heard (in both operations you attempted) that not only were they all dead but that they were spotted before they even made it out of the water and utterly obliterated both from land sea and air. The IDF has the measure of you to the extent that you’re unable to successfully execute a single operation outside of your own turf.

Perhaps you take the fact that Israelis are running to the bunkers as some kind of victory. But you’re wrong. For every night that Israelis have to sit in bunkers, totally protected from your little projectiles, our Air Force is dropping bombs that kill your most important commanders and destroy the measly terrorist infrastructure you developed to build weapons. Of course the infrastructure you should have been building was the kind of infrastructure that would support Palestinian civil society. But that’s not the way you think is it?

You would rather see your own people suffer and die just so that you can fire ineffectively at the Jewish state.

I understand that 80% of Gazans are descended from refugees from 1948. There’s a debt to be repaid there. But you won’t get Palestinians any kind of sympathy from Israelis like this. In fact you have succeeded in preventing just that kind of situation from developing. Because you know that peace with Israel would fatally undermine you.

It’s more important for Hamas to see Jews suffer than it is to facilitate Palestinians building up their own lives but that’s your failing not ours. You could have made peace, you could have set yourself the task of building up Gaza’s economic potential but your hatred and your vitriol have succeeding in doing one thing and one thing only;

You have united the Israeli right and the Israeli left in the desire to see you die. And make no mistake die you shall.

I know that to destroy Hamas is a goal that is impossible to achieve. It is a nonsensical strategic objective for a military operation because each and every time a Palestinian commits a crime and claims to have done it in the name of Hamas your organization will still exist. But that doesn’t mean we can’t tear into you.

We have the mightiest military machine in the Middle East, we have the best, most dedicated soldiers in the world. And you decided to declare war on us?

You have said time and again that you love death like we love life. May you get what you love.


About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada