Hamas’ Next Move: From Low Tech to High?

It will not be lost on Hamas that the first casualties inflicted on Israel during its early days of “terror” were the death of ten cows and a dog. Nor will the failure of its exploding donkey escape memory.  And while braggadocio continues to characterize their proclamations of victory over Israel, the truth has got to be gnawing at them something fierce.  Israel continues to push through their attacks.

The leadership of Gaza may have expected to lay waste Tel Aviv, not realizing how effective Iron Dome would be.

They may have embraced the David and Goliath narrative, believing they could take down Israel with simple, crude weapons and shrewdly built tunnels from basic, back breaking work and determination.

Their faith would carry them the rest of the way.

That, of course, and world opprobrium against Israel for killing civilians. During the 2012 engagement, when an entire family died in a direct hit bombing, that was it. The game changer.

Israeli guilt would now be exploited. They didn’t expect Israel to take on their propaganda war, nor take pains to show its efforts to minimize civilian casualties, nor cast the light on Gaza’s leaders who would use their civilians as leverage.

Having had these weapons taken way, I am concerned that Gazan leadership might seek more powerful, technological weapons. Hopefully there will be a resolution to this matter where this will not happen.


About the Author
Victor Salkowitz is a retired Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years experience in prisons, child welfare, and adult mental health agencies. He received his B.A. in Psychology from UC Davis and an MSW from UC Berkeley, becoming licensed in 1991.