HAMAS Tries to Pull a Fast One

Today I was looking at the Times of Israel and here was the Headline that just greeted me:

‘Hamas agrees to Palestinian state on ’67 lines’

Hamas is prepared to accept a Palestinian state demarcated by the pre-1967 lines, with Jerusalem as its capital and without any Jewish settlements within its borders, an official in Hamas’s political bureau said on Monday, noting that the sole difference in outlook between his organization and Fatah on the matter concerns recognition of Israel...

…But Abu-Marzouq denied claims that Hamas had decided to forgo military confrontation with Israel.

“Claiming that Hamas abandoned the resistance for a long period of time is strange. How can that be argued, when Hamas waged three wars in five years and everything in between was periods of preparation?” he said.

So, let’s see if I have this right… Hamas accepts that there will be a Palestinian State in the 1967 Lines of the West Bank, with ALL of East Jerusalem as it’s capital. Meanwhile, they will not accept Israel as “legitimate”, will continue with violence, and in their graciousness (/snark) will allow Fateh to rule the area.

Of course their Western Allies and drooling Useful Idiots will of course jump on this to say: :”HEY, lookie here, Hamas wants Peace with Israel, I mean they just said they accept a Palestinian State within the 1967 Lines of the West Bank..I mean how can they argue against that???”

Well there are a few ways one can argue against that. The first is that I read this as saying Hamas accepts ONE State from the Green Line to the Med. as a Palestinian State run by Fateh. BUT, they don’t accept Israel.

Well then, what do they think should happen with the rest of the land? Well, if I had to guess, I would guess that since they don’t accept Israel as “legitimate” they would probably push for ANOTHER Palestinian State inside the “Green Line”.And who would run this State…. Why probably Hamas itself.

And since Hamas has declined to forgo military confrontation with Israel (as their rocket from Ashkelon last night showed – as well as Abu-Marzouq’s comment about taking the time “in-between” wars to use as “periods of preparation”) why in the world would Israel take anything that Hamas says about “accepting a State within the 1967 Borders” as a serious attempt to make peace. I mean seriously, who would actually advocate for Israel to drop back to the 1967 borders just so Hamas doesn’t have to make an effort to take that land. I didn’t realize that Israel’s job was to make it easier for Hamas to destroy it.

In the end, what Hamas is proposing is simple… Israel retreat from the Territories and then the Arabs can pick up where they left off on June 4th 1967, in trying to destroy Israel. They are not proposing anything else and anyone who thinks they are, is either dumber than a bag of rocks OR is seriously high out of their minds.

Oh and now they have Palestinian Popular opinion to back them up. Here are some findings from a recent Poll taken of Palestinian Public Opinion

  • Haniyeh (Hamas) defeats Abbas (Fatah) in a presidential election by 48% to 45%, but Barghouti (in Israeli Jail and not likely to get out) wins against Haniyeh, 51% to 42%.
  • In a three way presidential elections, Haniyeh receives 39%, Marwan Barghouti 29%, and Abbas 27%.
  • In a parliamentary election, Fateh wins 36% and Hamas 35% of the voters.
  • To force Israel to withdraw from the Palestinian state, the largest percentage (41%) believes that armed attacks on Israeli army and settlers would be the best way but 24% believe the best way is to return to negotiations.
  • 60% believe that Hamas’ way is the best way to end Israeli occupation while only 28% believe Abbas’ is the best way.
  • Concerning armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel, I….
    1) certainly support
    2) support

And there we have it… NOW one important thing to note regarding the last comment is that this number is great because of Gaza. In the West Bank the poll showed only 40% (right, ONLY…..) supported attacks against Israeli citizens.

So given all of this, Hamas’ offer means absolutely nothing. Zero… Nada… Effes… Zilch. But it does crystalize for Israelis exactly what they are up against when it comes to the Palestinian Polity, AND in my opinion makes for perfect reasoning as to why there really needs to be a Two or Three State Solution.

About the Author
Jon Segall is creator of the blog The Progressive Zionist. Jon has lived in Israel and studied Israeli and American Policy in the region. Currently Jon, is re-learning Hebrew, and is an active practitioner of the Israel Self Defense Martial Art Krav Maga.