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Hamas Vitamin D UN Resolution

If Israel waited for American, European or UN approval in 1972, the Entebbe Rescue Mission could not have happened. Yet, it’s the Operation Thunderbolt that gave the world a template on how to NOT, and why we should NOT negotiate with terrorists.

Had Israel listened to America and hesitated in carrying out a pre-emptive strike against Egyptian airpower in 1967, the six day war would have meant six feet under for millions of Jews.

Had Israel listened to the antisemitic UN resolution during the 1973 Yom Kippur war, the genocidal mantra, “from the river to the sea” would have long seen the light of day.

Had Israel listened to America in 1982 and spared the Saddam Hussein nuclear bomb, the consequences would have been macabre. The fate that met the Iraq and Syrian bomb enrichment programs should similarly be befall the Iranian bomb without delay.

Aware that existential threat hangs over her like the albatross, Israel has never been known to prevaricate in execution of pre-emptive strikes. The Israeli lullaby on Rafah is falling on deaf years. Just toss the United Nothing resolution in the rubbish trash and conclude the business in Gaza.

Declaration of victory against Hamas by Israel presents an ominous electoral humiliation for Joe Biden. It means losing the Muslim vote in some states such as Minnesota and Michigan. This is why America abstained in the latest (pro Hamas) security council resolution demanding Israel’s unilateral and unconditional vitamin D ceasefire. In a nutshell, triumph over Hamas is incompatible with Joe Biden’s re-election ambitions.

You see, the UN is a very sympathetic, equal opportunity institution. Therefore, the security council felt the need to give Hamas to a breather to reorganize, re-arm and enjoy some sunshine. The UNSC reasoned that Yahyah Sinwah and his terrorists are entitled to vitamin D like other human beings. After getting enough sunshine, vitamin D may soften the terrorists heads and they may end up releasing the hostages! This is the story behind the UN vitamin D ceasefire resolution.

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Kanyi Ndewa (Lawrence Kanyi Ndegwa) is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is a lawyer and leadership consultant.
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