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Hannah Bronfman’s Book on Lifestyles Is A Perfect Gift For Girls In Your Life

DO WHAT FEELS GOOD —Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to Treat Your Body Right

Hannah Bronfman’s family legacy is known to most. Their dedication to Jewish causes is part of that legacy. I met Hannah last month at the American Friends of Soroka Medical Center (AFSMC) in New York City. Talented with her music and beauty, we discussed her new book, her first with tips on healthy lifestyles, family and feeling good about yourself. She is an entrepreneur, DJ, foodie, beauty product addict and exercise junkie Hannah Bronfman is among the most influential women in the lifestyle space.

In Do WHAT FEELS GOOD: Recipes, Remedies and Routines to Treat Your Body Right Hannah offering insights on everything from nutrition to fitness to skincare; shares her favorite recipes for feel-good foods and indulgent beauty rituals, baring her soul and sharing personal stories along the way.

As a younger person I had struggled with body image and with my weight, and none of that struggle made me feel very good. If I was going to focus so much energy on my physical body, it couldn’t be about meeting some societal idea of body perfection. The motivation for my health journey needed to come from me and me alone, and my guiding philosophy—my goal—was to do things that would make me feel good.” Over the years Hannah’s had to forge her own path and create her own standards of beauty. And what she’s learned is this: Healthy is beautiful. And good health is a gift, but it should not be a privilege. Everyone deserves to feel good.

In DO WHAT FEELS GOOD Hannah shares the information she relies on daily, along with the advice and wisdom she’s gleaned from experts to guide readers on their own health journeys. In the book Hannah explores:
● the mind-body connection and how paying attention to physical symptoms can help us understand what our bodies need to feel good (spoiler alert: it’s different for every one of us!);
● the hot new trend of adaptogenic herbs (although the use of these herbs have been practiced for centuries) and how they can help the body adapt to stress and achieve hormonal balance
● why a healthy gut makes for a healthy body (and clear skin)

Plus, Hannah shares over 50 of her favorite recipes for everything from breakfast to snacks to cake to cocktails, plus ideas for feel-good tonics and even homemade masks. Hannah also challenges readers to question why we’re so obsessed with “wellness” in the first place. “Is it because we want what’s best for ourselves, or because we’re aspiring to achieve someone else’s vision of who we should be? There’s a lot of pressure to do the “cool” thing or the “right thing”, but what if those things aren’t right for you? It’s great to have so many options to try out, but at the end of the day, it’s also overwhelming. Becoming healthy shouldn’t hurt or stress you out. The journey shouldn’t suck. It should be fun and different and make you feel all sorts of good, strong, and empowered and that’s what I want this book to do,” writes Bronfman.

Enlightening, empowering, and educational, this is an approach to wellness that is holistic, hedonistic, and real. Because self-care should not feel self-punishing, and everybody deserves to feel good.

“Hannah Bronfman is challenging us all to rethink our default standards of beauty and definitions of ‘healthy’ —and I, for one, couldn’t be happier to hear this from another woman of color in the wellness community.  Do What Feels Good is a practical, inspirational, and beautiful guidebook to feeling good in your own skin.”
—Gabrielle Union, actress and bestselling author of We’re Going to Need More Wine

“If you want to find total health that fills you with pleasure, buy this book! Hannah makes simple sense of everything from probiotics to broths, baths, and at-home masks—with plenty of deliciously healthy hedonism thrown in. Her version of inner glow begins with creating time to let positive things in, and her advice is not only insightful and personal, it’s spot on.”
—Daphne Oz, bestselling author of Relish and The Happy Cook

“Hannah Bronfman offers an inspiring view on wellness and self-care. Her book’s compilation of personal experience, advice, and practical tips will give you a new perspective on what it means to live a healthy life.”
—Karlie Kloss, model and founder, Kode with Klossie

When asked about what inspired her to write the book and share her tips, Bronfman stated that two things happened that led her on the journey. When her grandmother passed away it was a monumental moment in her life where she realized that as women if we don’t resolve the issues we are faced with as teenagers, then these negative bodies ideals, images and thoughts will linger on inside of us. She made it her mission to live the happiest and healthiest version of myself knowing that her grandmother would have wanted that for her and knowing she deserved it. Hannah was still in college and started cooking for herself and experimenting in the kitchen. She also started exercising on her terms, which included dancing again, but this time it was African and modern dance that ignited my exploration.

After college she was DJing night clubs in NYC. Hannah was burnt out, her skin was horrible, and she hardly had time for any of the day time activities she loved.  Realizing that she had fallen off track from the things that made her feel good, Bronfman committed herself to a lifestyle change and to health once and for all.  She moved into corporate DJing which allowed me to have my days back and I found the experts that could help me get my health back together.

This perfect is a perfect gift, and a read that unites, grandmothers, moms and children.

Fashion, beauty, style make one beautiful on the outside, a person is truly stunning when they are beautiful on the inside too. Help a stranger, donate to a charity or call a loved one and remind them how important they are to you.

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