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Happy Days Are Here Again!

Maybe it was Randi Weingarten, president of American Federation of Teachers stumping for Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe who helped Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee, over the finish line. Her arm-waving shrieks at McAuliffe’s last rally was so over the top, so unhinged and so assaultive on the ears, she probably drove it home for Youngkin. (McAuliffe has refused to concede as of this writing.)

Whether it was Biden who invoked Trump’s name 24 times in one McAuliffe campaign appearance or Obama, “birthing person” (when the shoe fits) of the “Race and Divide” wing of Dem party or Attorney General Merrick Garland, targeter of parents objecting to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools or McAuliffe himself, (‘too many white teachers!”) who gave Youngkin victory, remains to be determined.

Credit should also be given to wokesters who donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter and like organizations. Top Fortune 500 companies forced their employees to take CRT classes and confess their “white privilege”. (Chairman Mao would have been proud.) Voters finally arose and rejected their hate-filled doctrines.

Now, after the Virginia votes have been counted, it is time to say “Thank you, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO!”. Without Trump’s distracting Tweets, Americans could see that his policies arose out of shared America values of of fairness, opportunity and confidence and that they worked.

Now, it’s on to the neck and neck New Jersey race!

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