Happy Fathers Day to the Greatest of Fathers

I consider myself a strong person, but certain days have in the last few years become increasingly difficult for me. On no day do I feel the heavy weight on my heart more then Father’s Day. Father’s Day is tough, its difficult and not because my father is no longer here, but because I had the greatest of fathers. I had the dad who picked me up from school, the dad who listened to me talk about things that fifteen-year-old girls think is interesting but no one else does. I had the dad who had the most incredible patience with a teenage girl who thought that a fun Sunday was spending an entire day at a giant mall, and the dad who insisted on carrying all my bags. I had the dad who taught me to be kind to strangers, and treat everyone the same. And most importantly I had the dad who taught me to think for myself, and to be myself but always work hard because that’s what brings true success. And Father’s day is difficult for me, because when I remember the person who my dad was, I also struggle to think about whether he would be proud of the person I am now, and whether I’m making the right choices.

My dad really knew what unconditional love was, and I learned a lot from the way he interacted with other people. So many people have stories about him and how joyful and happy he was and how he made others feel. My father’s boss once related to me how he knew everyone from the mailroom all the way up and how he never treated anyone differently. And while no words that I could write could ever explain the kind of person my dad was or how much I loved him, or how he was and will always be my best friend in the world I will say this. When I went away to college and even before my father used to call me at least once a day, and usually more just to tell me he was proud of me, and that he loved me and that he would always be there for me. And even now, I still feel that he’s there for me two years after his soul left his body.

So on this day, on this Father’s Day as difficult as it is I bless all of you that you should have a best friend like my dad, someone always ready to crack a joke or get you out of trouble. And that your own relationships with your parents complicated or not should remain strong. And I will say this in conclusion, even though Father’s day is difficult for me, it also reminds me of the blessing that G-d gave me by giving me my Dad who will always be my best friend.

Happy Father’s Day

— Lianne

About the Author
Lianne is a student at Suny Albany studying political science with a global concentration, with a minor in Business.