Happy you apologized, Mr. President

A US President goes on a global tour apologizing to all those America might have stepped on their little toe as it rose to greatness. The Heritage Foundation logged 10 such apologies in a research it published in June of 2009, not yet six months into Obama’s presidency.

It is one thing to apologize privately to Europe by citing America’s so-called arrogance, but quite another to apologize publicly and openly to the savage Islamists Obama believed he can hug them out of violence. It is one thing to apologize discreetly to a friend, but quite another to apologize to a sworn enemy who still lives in the jungle. The ape will jump at your throat no sooner you showed him your white teeth

It took a while, but Obama’s hugs have created a canvas of wars, terrorism, and violence across almost the whole Middle East.

As an American Muslim, I could assure you there is nothing America has done to apologize for or to deserve the wrath of the Islamists. That includes water boarding the mastermind of 9/11 whose aim was not to enjoy an SM session, but to save American lives. We all should stand by the CIA instead of harassing the agency endlessly for doing its job right.

Even when Obama erased his Syria’s Red Line, it was a form of an apology to the mass murderer Assad, whose barbarism continues. Syrians consider that barbarism to be far more lethal using conventional weapons than his ageing WMD.

Indirectly, by apologizing to Islam, Obama opened the gates of hell upon our allies in the region, and soon enough possibly against America and Europe.

When George Bush liberated the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein, the Iranians were so scared they used every diplomatic channel to attempt to strike a deal with America. Compare that Iran to what is happening today when the Mullahs are openly arming Hamas to terrorize Israel, our best friend in the region while our President looks weak, destitute, and paralyzed.

Unfortunately for America, this is the only naïve and inexperienced world Obama knows. With a large dose of narcissism, Obama believed he could cure the sick and the weak by touching them with his words.

Happy you apologized, Mr. President. Words of a US President matter, unless you still believe you are a community organizer.