Har Adar and Personal Melancholy

The recent terrorist attack in Har Adar (09/26/2017) exemplifies how the lone wolf attacks come to be. Har Adar an affluent suburb of Jerusalem neighboring Arab villages and the defensive fence between Israel and the Palestinian territories. For its proximity and abundant need of labor, Palestinians cross the border on a daily basis to receive a higher paycheck than they could have received back home.

The screening process to get into Israel is long and tiresome. Because Har Adar is extremely close, many of them commute with dedicated transportation and use holes in the fence to get to work. This is the first problem. Israel has no idea who is crossing its sovereign borders.

The terror attack was sadly cynical. The terrorist worked in the suburb. He knew people within it, including the local head of security, and shared with a local woman almost anything that went on in his life. He was not a tempered or well-adjusted man. He chased his wife away. She escaped to neighboring Jordan with their children. The soon-to-be-terrorist was clearly mentally unhinged — and possibly to be blamed for domestic abuse if not violence. This is the second problem, not only are those workers not screened, just like the citizens within the country, they can’t receive the proper psychological and cognitive therapy they need.

This terrorist is not the only one. A woman form Nazareth, an Israeli citizen of Arabic ethnicity, waved a knife in front of armed security forces. They contained the situation quickly and incapacitated her. She didn’t stab anybody, and it was clearly a cry for help.

Studies show that women attempt suicide more than men do, but men are more successful when they try. Most terrorists are men, and these men are suicidal.

The whole Al-Aqsa (Dome of the Rock) situation started when metal detectors were introduced to the holy sites. They were the culmination of remarks and actions from Messianic politicians. The area became volatile once more with suicidal Palestinians taking actions to get themselves killed. The rationale now is that they do not die in vain, but for the brainwashing propaganda they imbibe in their communities. This is the third problem. Palestinians who need psychological help would rather kill and die instead of sort their matters out.

I am not justifying his actions. They are deplorable, and they led to the untimely demise of three people. And yet, there is a foundation to why someone, especially someone who knew and was well acquainted with the people he worked for, and even befriended with some, will go and commit such a horrid act.

The terror cells from which terrorists would go out and avenge their friends and comrades from the field are gone. The lone wolves act out of desperation and in order to find a purpose in their lives. Israel doesn’t screen them well. They are not provided psychological help and treatment to change their behavior. They only find solace in the extremities of their religion. They go on to kill and to die. If any of those three problems have been solved, there would have been no terrorist attack. If the third problem is solved, there will be peace. If the second problem would have been solved as well, there would have been nothing but healthy and positive neighborly behavior.

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