Elaine Rosenberg Miller

Harry, We Hardly Knew Ye

Americans, if they thought about it probably fingered ginger-haired Harry as the cheeky younger son of Charles.

He had many fans in America.

When he came to Governor’s Island in New York Harbor in 2010 to play in a polo match, people swooned.

Now, years later, the truth is out and as is common with revenge seekers, his slurs and accusations have boomeranged back at him.

Harry has been on a confessional tear.

We have learned that he has been a drink and drug abuser nearly his entire adult life. He even got stoned on nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) when he was in his wife’s hospital room as she labored to deliver their first born son. He has revealed himself as a petty, narcissistic, grudge-bearing flame thrower. He has just made he lives of the members of the monarchy, members of the armed forces and the commonwealth infinitely more difficult and endangered.

He attitude, subconscious or conscious is one that says he can’t be “at the top”, then no one can.

The Palace has remained resolutely silent in the the face of Harry’s attacks.

However it doesn’t stop the public from weighing in. A recent poll found that 64% of respondents think negatively about Harry. (daily

Harry’s man/child behavior, his intellectual deficits, his character failings have been suppressed by the Place for decades.

No longer.

He has drawn back the curtain on his greed, ingratitude and lack of self-reflection.

When asked by Anderson Cooper (the same Anderson Cooper who asked  Trump sex accuser Stormy Daniels to describe Trump’s genitals) whether he would give up his title. Harry answered “And what difference would that make?” Somewhere in the recesses of Harry’s brain, he knows that If he gave up his title no one would be interested in a thing he said. His genetic link to the monarchy is his only claim to fame.

There’s nowhere for Harry to go but down.

Watch for Harry Windsor becoming a commentator on CNN and MSNBC.

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