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Has the moderate Joe Biden been replaced by the malleable Joe Biden?

In the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, many of my Democrat friends told me they were voting for Biden because he was a “moderate.” Of course, I disagreed. In my opinion, the moderate Biden of the 1980’s and 1990’s was long gone. He had been replaced by “malleable Joe.”

Based on what he and his supporters were saying it was obvious to me and to anyone else who had been paying attention that Joe was under the control of the far left wing of the Dem Party. Moreover, it was equally obvious that, as president, he would agree to enact their policies and programs.

Well, as we all know, Biden won the election, and now we are seeing the results. He has pledged to be the president of “all the people.” He has claimed he wants to unify the country, but so far his actions have belied his words. I suspect that some of the moderate Dems, having seen what he has done and is likely to do prospectively, are now having “buyer’s remorse.” If they aren’t, they should be.

Biden has moved fast, faster than one could have imagined. In just one week he has signed dozens of Executive Orders with many more to come. Some of them appear to be benign, although their true impact may be felt later. Others, in my view, appear to be vague, perplexing, distressing and not in the best interest of the country. It appears that they have been rushed through, and their ramifications have not been fully analyzed.

For example:

1. He is supporting the ill-conceived and unconstitutional impeachment of Donald Trump. In the opinion of most constitutional lawyers the Constitution does not permit Congress to impeach a president who has left the office and is now a private citizen. Moreover, this impeachment makes no sense. The purpose of impeachment is to remove the person from office. News flash to the Dems. Trump is already gone. This has no chance of success. It is a fool’s errand, a distraction, and a big waste of time and money. The country has many other more pressing matters to address, such as COVID, which is actually killing thousands of people, and the economy, which for many middle class people has been disastrous.

2. He cancelled funding for the Keystone XL Pipeline. Thus, with the stroke of a pen he eliminated over 11,000 jobs. These were good-paying middle class jobs, which cannot be easily replaced. About 8,000 of them were union jobs. I thought Biden was a strong supporter of unions. Furthermore, the effect of this ill-conceived action will certainly ripple through the economy and ultimately cost many more jobs. This EO also terminated the country’s energy independence, which had taken us some 70 years to achieve. Once again, we will be dependent on the whims of OPEC and Russia for our energy. All this for a dubious benefit to the climate.

3. He rejoined the Paris climate change accord. As I have discussed in previous blogs on this last year, this is an ill-conceived, one-sided deal not in our favor. The main beneficiary will likely be China, the Biden family’s benefactor.

4. He terminated the funding for and construction of the southern border wall. I know immigration is a complicated and emotional issue. But, now, in the midst of a pandemic and with thousands of Americans out of work is the worst time to open our borders to persons who have not been tested for COVID and will flood the job market.

5. He guaranteed unemployment insurance for those who refuse to work due to concerns over COVID-19. This is nonsensical to me. There is great potential for fraud and dishonesty. It will be easy for one who just doesn’t want to work to claim he or she is concerned about catching COVID and be paid indefinitely not to work.

6. He committed to promoting “racial equity,” not “equality, equity.” This strikes me as a typical liberal policy. It sounds good, but no one knows what it means, how it will work, or how much it will cost.


Will someone please explain to me why there are thousands of National Guard troops still in DC. The number of troops exceeds that which we have deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. The inauguration is over. There have not been any demonstrations, much less any violence, since January 6. There is no justifiable reason for the troops to remain, particularly given their third-world-style accommodations. They are being forced to sleep in a parking garage on the cold floor with inadequate toilet facilities packed in like sardines. So much for social distancing in the midst of a pandemic. How come Biden and his alllies have not complained about that?

Furthermore, who authorized their deployment, and who has decreed that they remain? No one seems to know, or rather, admit they know. These are the same people who last summer strenuously objected to deploying the NG to cities that were being destroyed by far left, lawless radicals.

Some rational governors have recalled their state’s troops, but many have not. It seems to me that the objective is to display power and to intimidate, which is not appropriate in a democratic society. We are still living in a democratic society, aren’t we? I wonder.

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