Has the Mother-Ship been saved?

“Britain is the mother-ship for American values and the brand leader of English-speaking culture. The Londonistan mindset is being replicated in America: on campus, in the media and in official circles. If Britain goes down under this assault, the forces in America now holding back the tide of cultural immolation will be immeasurably weakened.” Melanie Phillips, “The Londonistan Mindset,” June 2006

Last week, much to the shock and surprise of many, the tables were turned in Britain and the Conservatives headed by David Cameron won the national elections by a landslide victory. Even the upstart party, the UKIP,  which calls for Britain to leave the European Union and limit immigration, came strong in a number of constituencies. Though it failed to win its targeted seats, its actual percentage of the vote was much higher than the number of seats they actually got.

Many, myself included, who had been following the elections welcomed the news with much joy, relief and renewed hope in the mother-ship and those that steer her.

It was not that long ago that many of us stood with folded hands unable to change its course while lamenting its nearing, untimely demise. It was not long ago that we witnessed Nazi like policies instituted in the District of Bradford where Israelis, clearly, a euphemism for Jews, were declared unwanted and unwelcomed. It was not long ago long ago that we heard the voices of well respected crew members, who caved in and were calling for recognition of certain guests onboard and granting them special rights and privileges to conduct their own rites even when those contradicted the long standing marine rules and laws that had been guiding the mother-ship. It was not long ago when the mother ship was attacked from within that it was the other innocent passengers who were blamed for those attacks. It was not long ago when we stood on the luxurious decks of the mother ship and did nothing while certain elements onboard of it declared a mutiny. Assisted and encouraged by our silence, they were setting up their own bridge with the sole purpose of steering the ship into a different course, one that called for the destruction of other ships, other children of the same mother-ship, a course that, undoubtedly, would have eventually brought her down and along with her the whole English speaking culture.

The passengers must have woken up from their long reverie. The anesthetic, numbing effect of their guilt ridden past actions was finally wearing off. They shook off the shackles of Political Correctness to which they had been subdued for so long. They decided to stop the madness and the lunacy that were taking a hold over their world, cloaking it with a total eclipse. Last week they had their say. The rays of democracy enlightened the dark universe of their divided mother-ship.

The only questions that are yet to be answered are, will it last? If so, how long? And last but not least will the rest of the English speaking culture follow suit?

About the Author
Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks is an English teacher and a pro Israel advocate. She lives in Israel and has recently published her first novel, "On A Wing From The Holy Land."