Hate for Sale on the Internet

“I take my sales hat off to,” said U-Boutique chairman Nachman Klieman, following Amazon’s removal of products showing the Flag of Israel dripping in blood.

Hate sells, but responsible sites can stand up to it and find artists who want to spread better messages.

I am in touch with hundreds of Israel’s artisans who work from home or in small studios, Jews and Israeli Arabs, and their working message is one of peace and expression of life for the whole world to see. Never once have I experienced an Israeli artist or designer who has tried to sell products with messages of hate towards members of any religion or race.

I thank all of the fast reacting people who truly ‘stood with Israel’ today and helped stop this sales tactic of hate from getting off the ground. Those  hateful people who tried to blacken Israel’s image through the sale of consumer items, would better serve their human interests by protesting the bloodshed and carnage of Christians and Muslims now taking place in several Middle Eastern countries.

“As the Jewish New Year quickly approaches, I will join my Jewish brethren around the world in offering prayers for peace in this world.  I remain proud of my heritage and nationalism for Israel, a country that has brought so much good and light to the inhabitants of our world.”

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Gil Reich is the author of If You Write My Story, which helps kids deal with life, love, and loss. He is also co-founder of internet marketing and development company Managing Greatness. Previously Gil was VP of Product Management at He has been a popular speaker at internet marketing conferences around the world.
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