BDS Is the Same Old BS

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) Movement claims to be pro-Palestinian but let’s call it what it is, an anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic movement created by people who hate Israel. BDS supposedly exists to influence policy, but its tactics border on harassment, and its goal seems to be: Damage anything related to Israel even at the expense of Arab-Israeli cooperation. Frankly, it’s difficult to hate Israel without hating Jews, and this is something the movement’s supporters have demonstrated to us.

BDS is an attempt to end the self-determination of the Jewish People. They don’t do it with bombs or ground troops, they do it by harassing  students, businesses, and generally making people uncomfortable. There is a reason they’re referred to as “BDS Bullies.” They claim this is about being “fair,” and forcing Israel to abide by International law and UN resolutions. What they really do is manipulate, intimidate, scare and spin the truth. We could even go with what a friend suggested and use BDS to mean: Blame, Demonize and Subvert, because nearly every policy they support would inevitably lead to the destruction of Israel, all while they advertise themselves as a peaceful movement. Right, all in the name of peace.

Solely blaming Israel for the situation in the West Bank and Gaza demonstrates a detachment from reality and a lack of understanding of how this entire situation came to be. History doesn’t matter to BDS supporters. What matters is whether revisionist history is mainstream enough to accept. To BDS supporters, all Jews are occupiers in Israel and they blame all Palestinian plight on the supposed “apartheid-like” policies of the Israeli government. This is (again) infantilization of the Palestinian people. This is another misinformed movement seeking to help the “underdog.” Israel, the only Jewish country, the only true democracy in the Middle East, seems like the actual underdog to me.

BDS supporters claim that their actions are meant to push Israel into complying with international law. It’s interesting that they seem to believe that the law only applies to one side. They say nothing when Palestinians send 4500 rockets into Israel, they say nothing when the Palestinian Authority pushes its own citizens to attack Jews with anything they have. They push Arabs to find Jews, stab them, run them over, throw rocks at them, throw acid on them, throw fire bombs at vehicles. The message is to do anything possible to hurt, maim or terrorize Jews- yet their messages are ignored by most BDS supporters, or say it’s only done out of despairation. They don’t understand that the Palestinian Authority says one thing in English, but something entirely different in Arabic.

If the goal of BDS is to push Israel into complying with their “peaceful” wishes, why did BDS supporters leave a pigs head (yes, an actual severed pigs head) in the Kosher section of a grocery store? I wasn’t aware that antagonizing Jews about their dietary laws would help provide Palestinians the right of return. They call these “non-violent punitive measures.” Funny, I call that harassment or a hate crime. Even if the official leadership publicly condemned the act, supporters applauded it. This speaks to the level to which they are willing to stoop.

The latest move was England’s Tristan Woodwards, a leading BDS activist giving a Nazi solute outside of an Israeli owned cosmetics store. There he was, right arm raised, left arm locked at his side. The same way they did it back in the 40’s when they loaded my family onto the trains that were headed to the gas chambers.

If BDS supporters have to stoop to this level to receive publicity it means they’re doing something wrong. If harassing people, intimidating the innocent and conjuring up memories of Nazi Germany were the point, I would like to applaud BDS for a job well done in 2014.

About the Author
Klari is a Califorina Girl, a Liberal, and an avid supporter of Israel
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