Heat or light: Making the choice

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Whatever the rights and wrongs of these and so many other such engagements, the feeling must be that failure in referring them to a higher and more independent authority has not helped in their suppression, no matter that they happened in the past, present or will do so many times again in the future.

That has been the problem all along. There exists, as yet, no competent authority, no purpose-built facility by which any of these traumatic, wrong or misguided ventures may be readily confronted. Thus incidents of this nature can never be contained, examined and resolved in a manner resolute enough to make a real and lasting impression upon the situation itself, neither in part nor as a whole.

With no standardised means of judgement, redress or compulsion immediately to hand, such lack of action and preparedness serves only to fuel a condition already made far too flammable by a history of enmity stretching way back into antiquity.

Time, therefore, that a great deal of very cold water was directed at this ever-smouldering and much troubled region, a place that has already consumed many thousands of lives and will keep on doing so as long as timidity and smallness of mind prevail. If no ability is forthcoming to douse temperatures that decades of conflict have served only to make even more intense, then much heat but little light must be the end result.


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