Hell, what is it?

Scorching flames burning ones body? No, I don’t believe so.

I think it’s something far worse and I believe I’ve tasted it. Here. On earth.

I think I found hell. I experience it periodically.

It’s a state of awareness. A painful state of awareness.

It’s the moment I realize something went wrong, terribly wrong, because of me. A word said. A word not said. An act I did. An I act I didn’t do….

It might elude me at the minute, the hour, day, week, month or even year but it goes not without consequence. Then it hits.

I’ve seen pain in the eyes of souls that ripped through me like the fiery flames of hell. Instantly I am there. Hell.

Why? Why did I? Why didn’t I?

Suffering at the hands of another is painful.

Suffering by my own hand is hell.

About the Author
Aliza Lipkin is a firm lover and believer in her country, her people and her G-d. She moved from the land of the free (America) to the home of the brave (Israel) 10 years ago and now resides with her family in Maaleh Adumim.