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On November 4th, the American people went to the polls. That same day I received a phone call from my Israeli parents who got their American citizenship only a few years ago. On speakerphone, my mom greets me and then I hear my dad in the background yelling “So, did you vote?” I laughed, “No, I barely know anyone on the ballot!” (I know, I know, I get the irony of my Israeli parents schooling me on my American civic duties!) “Me either! Your dad just told me to go down the line and vote for the Republicans,” my mom chimes in. “Wait, you guys are Republicans??” I exclaimed in disbelief; since when are immigrants Republicans? “No–we just don’t want Obama to win.” My dad explains while noting the merits of voting Republican in their state, Missouri, to which I explain the uselessness of voting Republican in my heavily Democratic state of New York. “We need small wins,” he concludes. So I voted. Republicans took 7 new seats and won the majority control in the Senate. My dad was right, every little bit helps.

“Obviously, Republicans had a good night….to everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you.” said Obama when the results were final. Raise your hand if you truly feel like Obama is listening to you – I know I don’t. People are mad at him for many valid reasons: a new byzantine healthcare system, immigration, Iraq–heck, they’re even blaming him for Ebola! But for some of us, it’s his stance on the Middle East problem, and his outlook on Israel’s defense policy (nobody calls our guy a chickenshit; only we can do that), that’s unforgivable. Obama has really dropped the ball on supporting Israel and her right to defend herself, and has become yet another bully in a world where anti-Israel sentiment is growing at an increasingly rapid pace. Articles with titles like “US veto at Security Council may no longer be a given” truly scare me because they show how dark it can really get.

On October 29th, Ron Prosor, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, spoke at the UN Security Council Emergency Session to discuss Israeli plans for building housing beyond the Green Line and in East Jerusalem. The UN General Assembly has had 10 emergency special sessions, six of which have been about the Middle East, three specifically about Israel. Have I mentioned that the world has anti-Israel sentiments, yet? Ambassador Prosor brazenly spoke to the Security Council about Israel’s right to the land, the history behind that right, and the fact that the world is ignoring Palestinian violence on Israelis, even when their own leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has publicly encouraged Palestinians to take “all means possible” to protect the Temple Mount and East Jerusalem. “Says a great deal that the international community is outraged when Jews build homes in Jerusalem but doesn’t say a word when Jews are murdered for living in Jerusalem; the hypocrisy is appalling,” Prosor proclaimed.

The scary part is that the Palestinians take Abbas seriously. In the last two weeks, two separate TERROR instances occurred where Palestinians drove cars into crowded light rail stations killing three and injuring many more. On Wednesday, a Druze police officer was killed, leaving behind his pregnant wife and their three year old son. When I was living in Jerusalem, in 2003, my friends and I had our own safety measures. On the bus, if anyone looked suspicious, nervous, or overdressed, we got off that bus. If an Arab cab driver was driving erratically, or looked suspicious, our fingers rested on our phones, waiting to dial 100, just in case we got kidnapped. Today, what is a person to do? With so many cars on the street, would you feel comfortable standing at a bus stop? When cars are used as weapons, what safety measures can be put in place?

Obama, Kerry, Republicans in Congress: you say you hear us? Great. Now take action! Or at the very least, put out a statement that strongly condemns the terror Israel has been experiencing these past few months. Don’t hide behind Jen Psaki, stand up and speak out. Take notice that the guy who is calling for the death of Jews is the same guy about to present a resolution in the UN to remove those Jews from their land. We need your support – and if you fail, young, involved, liberal voters will have no choice but to vote the people who do support them into office.

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Libi Michelson is a creative marketer and content writer. Raised by Israeli parents in the US, she made aliyah with her husband and two kids in 2021. Libi likes to write about being a working parent, parenting a child with special needs, and the struggles of being jewish, being a jewish mom and everything in between.
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