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Her blood is still screaming at us

The outrage in Israel over the rape and murder of a young girl last week has not subsided. There are renewed calls for the death penalty. Her blood is still screaming at us a week later. We feel as a Jewish family — she is our daughter and besides the acts of kindness in her memory, justice is badly needed.

An animal planned an attack and then raped, butchered and murdered Ori Ansbacher. So what is Israel’s response? Put him in a jail cell where he’ll get three squares? Maybe they’ll knock down a piece of his house? That’s it? Is this justice by any measure? Is there any chance this wrist slap will discourage further attacks?

Considering that they were handing out candy in celebration in Judea, Samaria and Gaza:

No chance. Zero. This animal was a created by Imams and teachers who incited him. They are making more such animals as we speak and we are doing nothing to stop them.

The root problem as we all know is incitement. Imams screaming hatred and dehumanizing Jews every Friday. Text books and teachers teaching it’s okay to be a martyr and kill Jews. And it’s working well. Survey data shows that two-thirds of Arab Muslims living in greater Israel believe that it’s okay to murder Jews. We cannot tolerate a math curriculum where the word problem is “if I capture five Jews and kill two, how many Jews are left?” Nothing has changed since the Mufti incited the murder of Jews in Hebron in the 1920s before the State of Israel even existed.

Every day we read that the IDF captured a handful of wanted terrorists. Thank God for the dangerous and difficult work of the brave young men risking their lives every night. But what about capturing and jailing the preachers of hatred, the Imams who incite, the creators of the terrorists? What about rounding up teachers who incite? What about removing textbooks that are filled with hatred? What about closing mosques where they consistently preach Jew hatred or hide terrorists? It would be wonderful to hear that the inciters, the actual creators of terrorists, are out of business.

This really needs to be a major wake-up call. Have we already forgotten about Ari Fuld and countless others? How about the unsolved stabbing attack on the Kadouri family here in Jerusalem? How can we keep forgetting? God forbid, who’s next? Can we not put an end to this? Do we think this is going to stop if we provide the same response? Are we living in a country where, in some measure, we feel like we’re in an ongoing game of Russian roulette? Enough.

It is nice to see Israel’s leaders making shiva calls for victims of horrific terrorist attacks, but we’d like NOT to see any more of these visits. We need to see leaders taking action. It would be amazing to see Israel’s leaders taking even the smallest slice of a lesson from the strength and intelligence of our forefathers in dealing with our earlier enemies. In the upcoming elections in Israel, let’s see who supports actively shutting down those who are creating these animals because as we all know because they are just making more.

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Gary Schiff is a resource consultant and guide connecting Israel and the US
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