Here’s Why we need a Biological warfare Unit

The scourge of Covid-19 Pandemic has become more than human society ever imagined, transforming the world as we knew it into unfathomable depths. With over 1.8 million deaths already recorded and about 80 million persons infected, this virus has already surpassed almost all it’s predecessors in vastness and brutality. While world Economy; cripples, Politics; cringes, Education; shutters, the announcement of a fast spreading new variant of Coronavirus across Europe, comes with it compounding fears greater than what has been experienced before. Humanity is at war! This time with an enemy whose brutality knows neither race, language nor religion.

Without fear for an apocalypse, if certain aspects of society underestimated the power of Coronavirus, her clear repudiation has become obviously glaring before her very eyes, heralding not even an end in sight. Few months ago, a group of health experts asserted that Covid-19 wasn’t going anywhere, “It has come to stay” they declared, depicting the scenario of an uninvited guest whose tyrannical stay frightens even his host. While such assertion proves overwhelmingly real as current events tends to portray, the need for a renewed approach to this pandemic has become even more obvious.

If the bane of twentieth century was it’s physical wars and inter-State conflicts, could it be, that the bane of the 21st is it’s seeming biological conflicts? From Ebola in 2014, to Lassa Fever around certain parts of Africa, now to Covid-19, 21st century society have been ladened with health conflicts seeming too powerful even for the advancement of her scientific expertise. But society’s basic approach seem to have always been on the defensive; trying to keep herself safe, than on the offensive; treating each conflict beyond it’s basic health risk, but rather as an attack on the fundamentals of her basic liberty.

Realistically, Governments around the world continually create special units in a bid to handle certain areas of economic and political lapse. While the United States under President Donald Trump has recently created it’s Space force trying to enact dominance over space, the world seems more eagerly in wait for the creation of a biological warfare unit at this very point of her history. The intensity of modern health crises has grown beyond some news articles and Professional research journals. Emphasis can no longer be shifted, this conflict must be viewed with the eyes of an obvious warfare, not one between states, but rather a vicious struggle against the very fundamental fabric of societal life. Democracy must stand up to it’s most important role, which is the protection of it’s borders from aggression, and here in reality is a most dangerous aggression 21st century democracy must live up to. If society will survive this, and the oncoming onslaughts, then she must put together teams of medical experts not just during the period of a pandemic but beyond, whose role like Intelligence agencies would be to seek out for variants of possible infectious diseases; creating it’s remedy while at same time seeking to avert it’s scourge. Possibly it’s designation as a specialized branch of the military would help build within selected members the consciousness of an impending war, and the obvious reality that humanity’s biological conflict has gone beyond the limits of medical conferences and walls of hospitals.

Fundamentally, each country boasts of an army, ever ready to defend her against external aggressors, a police ever set to provide internal security, much in same way she too must needs boast of a ‘Bio-force’ ever ready to swing into action confronting man’s biological challenges exploring impending ones and creating remedies for even yet to be unleashed viruses. The world itself is at war, and the prudence of each nation in dealing with these arising health challenges with a military style resolve, while helping to diffuse a dependence on seeming world health giants, would give each nation the liberty to develop independent medical remedies suitable to the cultural cum sociological nature of it’s population.

While reliance on the works of College researchers and National Centers for disease control remain invaluably expedient, the alarming nature of Covid-19 has shown beyond reasonable doubt society’s unpreparedness for Mass biological attacks; whether natural or man-made. Let the focus not be shifted, we are in a biological war, and our very own safety has gone beyond our grasp.

About the Author
S Ovwata Onojieruo is a Theologian and Political scientist, with major interest in Political theory, Middle-east politics (especially as it affects the Jewish state), and international relations. He currently works as an High school tutor/debate coach, and can be reached on twitter @OvwataS
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