Hezbollah Launched Rocket Attack on Syrian City

Yesterday, according to a report, Hezbollah launched a rocket attack from Lebanon on the Syrian city of Al-Qusayr.

The information is not confirmed by other sources. However, my source in my assessment is reliable.

If this report is accuarate it is an extremely important development because it is a further indication that Hezbollah has for all intents and purposes taken over Lebanon* and acts indepedantly and with complete disregard for the Lebanese people and the Lebanese government.  Hezbollah has used the sovereign state of Lebanon to launch an attack on another country – exactly as it did with Israel in 2006.  The major difference of course, is that this time it has used Lebanon to wage an act of war on another Arab country and is attempting to drag Lebanon into the war in Syria.

This attack is a further sign of Hezbollah’s stress I discussed in my October 11 article “Mysterious Blasts as Hezbollah Sinks in the Syrian Mud.”

* I have written many articles on the fact that Hezbollah has taken Lebanon hostage including:

Inside Hezbollah’s Private Dominion

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