High Time to Punish the Treacherous Israelis

I think it is high time to amend the Criminal Code of Israel  to create new offences under the headings of “treachery”; “disloyalty”; ”betrayal:, and /or breach of allegiance to the State.

The need arises in order to prosecute  Israelis who engage in behaviour that matches these terms and hopefully deter others who may be inclined to follow suit.

During last week, 20 former members of the Knesset and seven former Israeli diplomats, who describe themselves as supporters of peace sent a letter to the Commission of the Democratic Party of the U.S., charged with the drafting of the election platform of the party in the forthcoming presidential elections.

The signatories wrote:  “We turn to our friends in the Democratic Party and we ask you to insure that your platform explicitly rejects the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians, the Trump Plan as well as the annexation of any part of the occupied territories;” and “We call upon you to express your support for the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state next to Israel with Jerusalem as their respective shared capitals, in which our two peoples will live in peace and security.” (Translated by the writer from a news report in French)

“Occupied” territories? Occupation of “Palestinians by Israelis?” Palestinians and Israelis living in “peace and security”?

To think that seven of these folks  were at one time tasked to represent, defend and advance Israel’s foreign policy  and policy objectives, makes me wonder about the selection criteria used to appoint them to the country’s foreign service and then to assign many of  them to ambassadorial positions.

How can these folks be so ignorant of international law and so blind to the facts on the ground concerning the way the P.A. thinks and has acted since 1993, not to mention Hamas?

It is one thing to write or say these things in Israel, under the protection of freedom of speech. It is quite something else to make representations to the platform Commission of a foreign political party with respect to the foreign policy   they propose to adopt concerning Israel.

To make matters worse,

First, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate has never been known as Israel’s friend. For example, who can forget the ugly scene he made in the days when he chaired the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee by the vulgar way in which he treated and threatened Prime Minister Menachem Begin appearing before the Committee?

The Democratic Party nowadays   provides a political outlet for rabid antisemites, anti-Israelis and the so-called “liberal” and “progressive” Jews, not to mention the self-hating ones.

Second, the 27 sent their letter to the Commission after it was self-evident that the Commission would incorporate what I consider to be some unfriendly planks concerning Israel.

Third, in the event Biden gets elected, with former President Obama, aided and abetted by Susan Rice, pulling the foreign policy strings of a President who is not always all there, the policy concerning Israel is likely to make way for new Obamaesque anti-Israeli maneuvers such as his failure to veto a Security Council Resolution hostile to Israel in the dying days of his administration and his plan to do another dirty deed which was thwarted by President Putin.

Israel has always been and will continue to be for the foreseeable future in a tough spot.

Needless to say, Israel does not expect anything positive from the P.A. which prefers the current status quo, while praying for the day it hopes Israel will be overwhelmed and destroyed by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the other Gaza terrorist group, acting together so it can fulfill its aim to establish a free Palestine from “the river to the coast”.

Israel is also being treated as the Jew of nations by the Foreign Secretary of the European Union and about 15 of its member states; in the United Nations, its General Assembly as well as by its various emanations.

In the circumstances, I consider the behaviour of the 27 to be more than merely odious.

I verily believe that no self -respecting country and its government continuously negotiating through the rough and hostile waters of international politics ought to be burdened by  or tolerate its own, citizen groups and organisations, to speak to or to communicate directly with foreign political  bodies to criticise, bad- mouth their own country’s foreign (or for that matter domestic) policies and/or to request  that they adopt policies that are hostile or inimical to the best interests of Israel as determined by its democratically elected Knesset  and  by  its government.

My submission equally applies to any other Israeli citizen, Israeli groups and organisations,  including  ones representing academics, who engage abroad or through  direct communication with foreign political bodies  in  this or other kinds of behaviour which are treacherous , disloyal, amounts to the betrayal and/or  breach  of allegiance to the State and to its people.

The rights and freedoms enjoyed by Israelis or for that matter by the inhabitants of any other democratic country are not absolute. Enough is enough.

I submit that it is high time that this be reflected in the Criminal Code of Israel.

About the Author
Doğan Akman immigrated to Canada with his family. In Canada, he taught university in sociology-criminology and social welfare policy and published articles in criminology journals After a stint as a Judge of the Provincial Court (criminal and family divisions) of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, he joined the Federal Department of Justice as a Crown prosecutor, and then moved over to the to civil litigation branch . Since his retirement he has published articles in Sephardic Horizons and e-Sefarad and in an anthology edited by Rifat Bali titled "This is My New Homeland" published in Istanbul.
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