High Time to Unite against Terrorism or Detonate the World

No Country Immune to Terrorism

In globalized world, no country is immune to Terrorism, whatsoever powerful you are. Its again wake-up call to civilized World to get united in war against terror or succumb to their own vicious game of thrones.

Double standards in dealing with terrorism must be stopped. In the race of dominance millions of people have being killed from far East, Middle East to far West.

There are no terror organisations not be overpowered when whole world gets united. But the need of hour is to start thinking out of short term vested interest and save humanity from plunging into ever detonating world.

In one week, terror attacks In Tel Aviv on 8th June and in Orlando on 12th June claimed 4 and 50 lives respectively, which successfully swept World from waves of threat and abhorrence.

Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik puts the finishing touches to a sand sculpture at Puri Beach some 65kms east of Bhubaneswar on June 13, 2016, following an attack on a gay nightclub in the US city of Orlando. Law enforcement authorities have lowered the death toll from the weekend massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando to 49, the deadliest mass shooting in American history, explaining that the shooter had been counted in the original tally. / AFP PHOTO / ASIT KUMAR
Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik puts the finishing touches to a sand sculpture at Puri Beach some 65kms east of Bhubaneswar on June 13, 2016, following an attack on a gay nightclub in the US city of Orlando. (Times of Israel)

In last one and half year dozens of terrorist attacks from Brussels to Orlando (US) left the western world in a great sense of fear growing radical Islamic within their territory.

Dozens of journalists were shot dead in French magazine’s office Charlie Hebdo in January 2015 in French capital. Again in Paris hundreds were massacred by terrorists in November 2015 which proved to be biggest terror attack in Europe in decade. It was followed by mass shooting in San Bernardino (US) on 2nd December 2015 with 14 causalities, while 32 lost their lives in another deadly explosion at Brussels Airport on 22nd march 2016.

All these attacks drew worldwide concern of rising Islamic terrorism and intensified military action against ISIS strong hold in Syria but all lasted until outrage vaporized and victims silenced.

There are no terror activities undergoing without financial and political backing no matter which place they are. Whether it’s Al-Qaida, Taliban or Mujaheddin all such groups were created at some point strategically by some State intentionally to wage proxy war against another State to expand dominance in the region, which claimed millions of lives since decades.

Modern Jihad:  Superpowers Pawns on world’s Chessboard

It’s of course well-known that jihadist group Mujaheddin was creation of US during late 1970s to trigger proxy war against Soviet power as US did not want to confront USSR directly. Ever since Soviet retreated from in 1989 at the verge of their collapse, the countries in the regions are confronting with eternal epidemic of modern terrorism called Jihad.

As Soviet retreated from Afghanistan, the Mujaheddin were transformed turned into Taliban by neighboring country Pakistan to wage proxy war against India, that left hundreds of thousands killed in last 3 decades.

Since the modern terrorism incepted in very Islamic world (Afghanistan) by Western power (US) against eastern bloc (Former Soviet Union) the Countries adjoining the region have had definitely been prone to be affected, which took the modern era of Islamic Jihad from Afghanistan, Iraq to Syria and all over the world.

Not only India but many countries like Afghanistan, Israel, have also been consistent victim of terrorism but the western powers remained indifferent towards the issue as they loved to play double sided game.

Since 26/11, the US has, although, been turned into victim mode as it bore the brunt of its own patronized version of Islamic jihad called Mujaheddin, but it unintentionally went to produce even more deadly ISIS by invading in Iraq in 2003. In addition, Arabian Peninsula have also been perpetually involved in fighting proxy war between Shia (Iran) and Sunni (Saudi Arabia) to strengthen the dominance in Middle East.

These groups have being funded and used by different States against others States at different period of time in last 3 decades.

Several resolutions were passed in United Nations Security Council and General Assembly but all in vain. But now when repeated terrorist attacked enraged the western world (Paris, Brussels and US attacks) they did not take much time to call collective war against menace considering India as perpetual victim of that.

Now is the time for whole world to get united against war against humanity or face even worst consequences.

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Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.
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