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Hillary Decries “Abuse of Power” With Uranium One Investigation

Americans Tickled By Hillary’s Newly-Found Sense of Humor

Despite the fact that Donald Trump was elected more than a year ago, the sinkhole his election produced has only grown deeper.

Progressives and the media who despise him and have convinced themselves that he conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton have seen no reason to terminate their ceaseless inquisition even in the absence of evidence.

They claim that the Special Counsel’s indictment of Paul Manafort for infractions that occurred before Trump declared his candidacy is somehow a trail of cheese leading to some rathole where more sinister connections to Vladimir Putin lay.

Those more closely allied with the President are ramping up the pressure to investigate the infamous Fusion GPS Dossier, now known to have been initiated by “never Trump” Republicans, dropped after Trump won the nomination, and then completed with funds from the Hillary campaign, the Democratic party and an Obama PAC. It has also been reported, but not confirmed, that the FBI may have paid Fusion.

Though we are temporarily distracted by the notion that we have all been sexually harassing one another since at least Bill Clinton denied having had sex with “that woman,” if there is evidence that an official organization connected with Obama and the FBI worked with a political candidate it favored to create a fictional document in conjunction with Russian intelligence to undermine the credibility of the candidate it opposed, it will make Watergate look like the Teapot Dome scandal.

I mean, who really knows what the Teapot Dome scandal was?

And, if that weren’t enough, there’s something looming out there falling under the loose appellation of “Uranium One”. During the Obama administration and while Clinton was Secretary of State, the US sold 20% of its domestic uranium reserves to a utility company controlled by the Russian government.

If the Democrats — led by intellectual giants like the open-minded Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Maxine Waters (“Impeach 45, Impeach 45”), Rep. Bobby Rush, former Defense Minister of the Black Panther Party, Rep. Alcee Hastings, former U.S. District Court Judge, who was impeached and convicted of bribery and perjury, Sen Al Franken, legendary comedian and sexual predator, Sen Dick Blumenthal, receiver of five draft deferments who claimed he had served “in Vietnam” which was completely false – believe that consorting with Russia is sufficient evidence to impeach Doanld Trump, why on earth would the Obama Administration approve the sale of 20% of our domestic uranium reserves to a Russian-controlled energy group?

During the period that the sale was under consideration, interests associated with the purchasers contributed over $100 million to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton flew to Moscow and collected a $500,000 fee for a single speech from a financial group associated with the Russian acquisition group.

No flags were raised. No potential conflicts of interest surfaced. A US government group called CFIUS (“Committee on Foreign Investment In the United States”) comprised of 9 government agencies can’t stop the sale; they can only give the deal their seal of approval. Only the President can actually stop the sale, but CFIUS still had to review the terms of the deal and give its seal of approval because of the involvement of a foreign entity.

The Secretary of State possesses one of the nine votes on the Committee. So, if she voted “no” she couldn’t kill the deal, but it certainly would have raised questions.

What no one knew at the time, apparently, was that the FBI had an informant on this inside of this deal. An American lobbyist was being paid $50,000 per month on behalf of his Russian and Canadian patrons who wished to acquire Uranium One, and he offered to supply information from the inside to the FBI which was headed at the time by Robert Mueller, the current Special Counsel, and his deputy, James Comey.

He was required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which, according to his current attorney, Victoria Toensing, is very unusual. The informant claims that he was “threatened” by the Obama Justice Department against going public and has memos supporting his claims.

The Trump Justice Department has lifted him from the restrictions of his NDA and he is expected to testify before Congress (like in closed session) blowing the lid off a tale of bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and extortion, all of which he can allegedly prove and all of which the Obama Justice Department and his FBI handlers knew.

If true, the current Special Counsel may find himself forced to recuse himself, the angelic James Comey brought before Congress under entirely different circumstances and the former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch required to answer under penalty of perjury how Hillary Clinton managed to escape prosecution for a variety of felonies that would have placed any ordinary American under the hammer of Federal prosecution.

Oh, and someone might want to address a question or two to Barack Obama to whom all these political appointees reported.

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