Hillary or Donald?

Times change and our attitudes need to keep up, or we’ll become like the dinosaurs.

While I think Hillary Clinton is correct about LBT issues and women’s rights, I can’t agree with her anti-Israeli stance, don’t be fooled by the Jerusalem Post article. She is a pathological liar, how else can you explain her willingness to lie for over 30 years?

I think Donald Trump‘s anti-Islam stance is the correct thing for the Western world, but I abhor his attitude to women. I agree with upholding the 2nd Amendment, but the right to bear arms in defence of your home is not the same as the right to carry a gun in public and blame the police when you get shot.

My support for the LGBT movement has nothing to do with my daughter, Sarah (seen here in pink), being a lesbian. I believe people should be allowed to love who they want; not be forced into a loveless relationship with a member of the opposite sex just to look normal.

I can empathi10689677_722439907793299_8839865673876607082_nse with Orthodox Jews who say same-sex relationships are not biblical, but they are not sinful, times move forward and our there is less need to hide our choice of who we love. As a parent, I have tried to give my children what I never had, the freedom to be yourself.

If I were a citizen of the USA, I would have a difficult decision to make. Is it better to chose the devil you know — even if she is a liar — or a loud-mouth blackguard with the interests of the nation at heart? What a shame Bernie Sanders is not the Democrat choice, if he were the choice, Donald wouldn’t stand a chance of winning.

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Alan Pace is a Christian writer from Yorkshire who has lived in Bristol since 1963. His religion is spiritual, and he believes in the afterlife. Alan's political affiliation is Independent; he votes for what he feels is best for the country regardless of the party.
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