Hip Hop Artist Snow Denies Plans To Visit Israel Wednesday

Toronto, January 4 – The reggae performer known as Snow expressed puzzlement today at Israelis’ excitement over his predicted arrival this Wednesday, saying he had no such travel plans and would remain in Canada the entire week.

Israeli media reported late last week that Snow was expected in parts of the country as early as Sunday, initially in the north and eventually visiting as far south as the Jerusalem area. Snow, the stage name of musician Darrin O’Brien, claimed he had no┬áplans to go to the Middle East at all, and certainly scheduled no performances or appearances in the region.

SnowLocal television and internet media appeared oblivious to the protestations of the artist behind the 1990’s smash single “Informer,” continuing throughout Sunday to report that he had arrived in the Golan Heights in the morning and was moving gradually south. Jerusalem Municipality workers spent hours on Sunday trimming trees just so and preparing special equipment to prepare for Snow’s arrival, apparently ignorant of the fact that he intends to remain thousands of miles away.

Snow expressed even more confusion at Israelis’ talk of a major visit he paid the country in December 2013. “I have no idea what they’re talking about,” said the musician, whose work blends Jamaican reggae with his own artistic sensibilities born of growing up in a diverse Toronto suburb. “I’ve barely left North America in all this time, and I haven’t been to Israel ever.”

The performer wondered whether an impostor had arranged a tour of Israel, but dismissed that possibility with the realization that such a venture would incur copyright and trademark infringements that would negate any potential profit, and then some. “I don’t know what tomake of this, frankly.”

Snow albumAt press time, Israelis remained giddy with excitement at the chance to behold the 45-year-old.

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