Rachel D. Klein

His Perfect Path

art: by spiritsculptor, used with permission

His Perfect Path

pampas tufts, long cultivated
the tree casts its elongated shadow
that all have come home
the children’s swings in the yard, quite still
is ever and ever when father arrives home through the gate
the white fence and grey slate upon which fern and trellis uphold
Erodium and Myscanthus in late afternoon when the sun sets never to rise again

How the sun leans against the western face alighting
two windows peering like eyes upon day’s ebbing gleam and the happy home
golden light and pink geraniums trailing in bursts of symmetrical gladness
upon the front porch where they belong!

I wonder at His perfect path
flagstone meandering down the lane
hedges saluting, honoring the path to the willow
and flowerings perennial

About the Author
The first of my poems ever published appeared in the Yeshiva Rambam yearbook, class of '68. Moody in tone and existential in content, my mother wasn't sure this development would bode well for my future. In any case, I continued to compose. I self-published a couple of books illustrated by the artwork of a dear friend, art that demonstrated we were always on the same wave-length. I made aliyah in 2011 at which time, thematically, my work evolved toward themes regarding a redemptive future.
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