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Mosheh ben Maimon, called Moses Maimonides, also known as RaMBaM, Hebrew acronym for “Rabbeinu Mosheh Ben Maimon,” English translation: “Our Rabbi/Teacher Moses Son [of] Maimon,” born in Córdoba, present-day Spain, on Passover Eve, 1138, was a rabbi and a physician in Morocco and Egypt. The RaMBaM was a preeminent medieval Arab, Spanish, Sephardic Jewish philosopher and astronomer, one of the most prolific and influential Torah scholar and physician of the Middle Ages.

In the 21st Century, Dr. Ari Babaknia, a Jew, born in Iran, a physician, a professor, and a writer, is following in the tradition of the RaMBaM. After fifteen years of research he has published the first book in the Farsi language about the Holocaust, allowing 150 million Farsi speaking people to have reference to the horrific events and know truthful history.

Dr. Ari Babaknia
Dr. Ari Babaknia
The 4 volume book The Holocaust in Farsi
The 4 volume book The Holocaust in Farsi

Three years more and Dr. Babaknia published the masterpiece book ‘Humanity, NOT’, in English – for now – dealing, in words and illustrations by the renown Muslim artist Ardeshir Mohassess, with the emotions of the Holocaust.

About the emotions of the Holocaust - Humanity, NOT
About the emotions of the Holocaust – Humanity, NOT

Dr. Babaknia has distilled most significant human events in a way that will perpetuate their learning toward the light of goodness, holding close Jewish tradition and humanitarian values that will help humanity treat each other with the utmost respect and kindness, always.

The collaboration between a Moslem artist and a Jewish doctor/writer is a tribute to how emotional attachment to a shared vision can dissolve boundaries that separate us; uniting people for a common good, to repair the brokenness of our world and create a better global society for generations to come.

The RaMBaM, like Dr. Babaknia, spent many years immersed in his love of Torah in order to attain what he hoped would be a portable values, based on companion, for Jews living amidst migration and flux.

The RaMBaM work as a physician, like Dr. Babaknia, was not apart from his commitment to spiritually healing the world. Dr. Babaknia has too created a published companions for us all to take on our respective and collective journeys, reminding us of what we should not stand for, as well as where we should optimally stand.

Sadly, our world is full of hatred. How we respond to it will determine the future of our children, the future of our world. We either accept it or change it.

From the book Humanity, NOT - Ghetto Child
From the book Humanity, NOT – Ghetto Child
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