Holocaust denial comments on different social networks

The Holocaust was a fact that marked the history of the world where nearly 20 million people lost their lives, including 6 million Jews during the Second World War.

Actually, we commemorate this event, for all those who lost their lives due to a struggle with multiple meanings and devastating consequences.

The deliberate elimination of life, is a symbol of irrationality and conviction of the existence of “supremacy” over another or others. Undeniably, this thought, exists since ancient times and is maintained by the approval without meaning and benefit of a few.

The story (written by winners) determines the facts according to their interest and, it is the key to place at the top those who will be seen as heroes. On the other hand, the vanquished, those who committed the worst atrocities, will be remembered forever, but as the most cruel and vile that humanity has ever had.

There are people or groups that deny the facts and atrocities against humanity. His sayings range from “an invented story” to “the victims are made”. Comments driven, at present, by the indiscriminate use of social networks and by lack of regulation in laws that concern this issue; However, if sanctions are applied to comments, it directly affects the freedom of expression.

Understanding the diversity of ideas and opinions, directly attracts the tolerance of thoughts. In that, the existence of facts must fall. Opinion leaders, as leaders, as well as the creator and CEO of Facebook, consider that scarce regulation also affects freedom of expression.

A lot of people who read offensive comments on social networks have manifested themselves, asking the leaders of these networks, to do something about it. Mark Zuckerberg, responded to these complaints; In an interview with Kara Swisher, she said that the people who deny this event are wrong, but he can not erase these comments since he does not know with what intention they do, however, Facebook put a law in which it states that any comment that may cause a “bloodshed” will be eliminated. Facebook has pronounced very well before this event and it is extremely important that the CEO of this network is Jewish because he manages to understand what the “victim” perspective looks like.

In Twitter it is a very similar case to Facebook but there is a difference in which it is that the goal of twitter is to express an opinion. Twitter has not paid much attention in listening to people’s complaints and this leads to the despair of it, to such an extent that an Israeli man residing in Germany, painted outside the Twitter offices some homophobic and anti-Semitic comments he found in this social network. Twitter still does not comment on this, a reasonable reason why they do not speak, is that the striking thing about this network is to give their opinion and it would be an incorrect act to eliminate a comment because an opinion “is wrong” since there are no good or bad opinions .

The problem they face in social networks, is to give special treatment to the Jewish community and only eliminate comments that deny the holocaust or any other that incites hatred. It must be impartial, in these cases. There are also “tweets” that refer to other events such as the Armenian genocide that have also been denied. That there have been events in which they have also occurred but are also denied.

For this reason, they can not eliminate only the comments that deny the holocaust since, despite the spread of anti-Semitism and homophobia, other religions or societies would request that they also support them.

Nations like Germany, has done legislative work against anyone who denies the holocaust, will be sentenced to prison. The German case, is subject by its historical antecedent, to this normativity for being (historically) the base of Nazi ideology, being this country, where these ideas were most propagated; therefore the shielding and protection so that this does not happen again.

Although a recent study by the World Jewish Congress (CJM) indicates that anti-Semitic comments have increased 30% from 2016 to 2018 in social networks, there have also been duplications of comments that deny the holocaust. This has caused that the commentaries are not eliminated, that the antisemitism continues spreading, there is not really a solution to this problem and surely there will not be.

About the Author
Celia Cohen Turquie is from Mexico.