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Ashton’s Holocaust Memorial farce

Committing an act of virtual extermination, which no doubt would have thrilled Adolf Hitler, Lady Ashton published a statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day without making any mention of Jews or antisemitism. She did remark briefly on combating hate speech and racism and the virtues of tolerance. But there was not a word about the people most affected by the Shoah or the ideology which brought it about.


Well I’ll tell you why. She did not mention Jews in her statement because it is the stated aim of certain Europeans to divorce the Shoah from its Jewish character. She wants to rid herself of any feelings of guilt and use the mass killings of Jews for her political purposes. Since most Jews have learned the exact opposite from the Shoah of what the Euro idealists want to achieve, there is an interest on the part EU supporters to delete the Jews from this history.

Jews have learned from the Shoah that the best way to protect their interests is to ensure that they are masters of their own fate. The EU of course wants to subdue the peoples of Europe and forge them into a superstate in which they have no say. It’s very annoying when you are telling people that the Holocaust teaches them the urgent need of giving up their sovereignty and handing over all their power to you, that the Jews are jumping around in the background telling everybody that what the Holocaust teaches them is that they must have their own state.

So they blot us out and demand from us we pretend as if nothing happened. Call it emotional Holocaust denial if you will. We are supposed to go along with this and not derive any conclusions from the events of 70 years ago. Statehood? Who needs it? Somebody threatens us with destruction? Just ignore it. How much does that differ from claiming it never happened in the first place?

In addition the Shoah is the only major crime against humanity of which it is said that it’s time to let bygones be bygones. EU fetishists don’t make these kind of statements about slavery, colonialism or even the Crusades which happened 800 years ago. But the mass killings of Jews, which occurred less then 70 years ago, should already be regarded as ancient history.

But if that’s the case what does ‘never again’ really mean? It doesn’t mean ‘no more genocide’ because there have been plenty of genocides since 1945 and nobody ever did anything about them. It also doesn’t mean no more persecution of Jews, because the Shoah to them is not a specifically Jewish event. And anyway as long as your motivation is fashionable killing Jews is considered an act of heroism. ‘Never again’ therefore means absolutely nothing. At best it is a solemn promise that the calendar will never revert back to 1942 and that the Nazi’s of old will remain firmly in their graves. But we don’t need any ceremonies for that.

Come to think of it, Hitler’s main crime was not the killing of so many innocent people, it seems, but to have done so without adequate motivation. If only he had declared his desire to exterminate the Jews in order to prevent the occupation of Palestine. He would have been considered a hero by many these days. People who probably silently admire him anyway.

And why not? Had Hitler won the war Ashton would have had her unified Europe with all the prestige that it entailed. Now she is just a useless and expensive appendix to the foreign offices of the European member states. And with Hitler winning the war there would be no pesky Jews around who think the Holocaust is all about them, making her feel guilty and ruining her day. And certainly no Israel. If you are a fake Baroness who dislikes Jews, what’s there not to like?

Am I accusing her of antisemitism? Well her motto seems to be that on Holocaust Remembrance Day one does not mention the Jews. It takes an effort not to mention Jews on this day and one does not make such an effort out of love of the Jewish people. That’s one. Second, if it’s not Holocaust Remembrance Day, it seems Lady Ashton cannot mention the Jews often enough. I mean the only reason why anyone knows her name, including all of her ludicrous titles, is because she has made it a habit to regularly insert herself into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and say things that are hugely offensive to Jews. Remember when she compared the sadistic murder of a little Jewish girl in Toulouse to Palestinian deaths in the Gaza strip?

This woman clearly has no business releasing any sort of statement about the Shoah. Jews or no Jews. Of course she won’t shut up because as bloated as her name is, and as useless as her office, insulting Jews is the only thing she has ever really achieved. But at least now the mask is off.

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Born in Switzerland in 1973. Raised in Holland. My parents were Holocaust survivors.
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