How a Palestinian Blonde made Israel look Stupid

Ahed Tamimi is at it again, this time on her world tour like a Nelson Mandela, even though she gained weight in prison and was not tortured like her fellow Arabs in places like Syria are tortured daily.

Ahed Tamimi is now on an international speaking tour across the country of France. She got up and spoke about how she suffered in prison and how Israel is bad.

News outlets throughout the world took advantage of Ahed being released by stating who Israel was so oppressive and how Israel keeps 200 juveniles in its prisons all the time as if juveniles are not capable of committing crimes like adults.

One such news outlet known as the People’s World reported, ” Nabi Saleh residents woke up earlier this year to Hebrew graffiti splashed around their village, which read: “Death to Ahed Tamimi” and “There’s no place in this world for Ahed Tamimi.”

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies reported in the article, for someone who has been to Nabi Saleh as a soldier knows that no Jewish resident of the area would dare enter Nabi Saleh without fear of being murdered by an Anti-Jewish Mob.

During my time as a soldier at Nabi Saleh the residents of this community would attempt to stone Jewish vehicles alive while my job as a soldier was to prevent them from murdering.

Most Jewish residents living in the area are young families with young children who work either in the Jerusalem area or Modiin while the children are at school during the week and are mostly religious meaning they don’t operate vehicles on Shabbat nor can they leave their towns since its a prohibition on Shabbat to leave a city or a town on the Shabbat.

There is no rational person in these communities who would risk their lives or freedom to sneak into a violent Palestinian town and put graffiti on a home while they have responsibilities of paying bills and taking care of children.

Tamimi is a juvenile delinquent that should have been ignored by the Media and politicians yet it has only added flame to the fire, just like the media and politicians don’t pay attention or give publicity to juveniles who assault police officers so too should these Israeli Journalists and politicians should have ignored her incarceration.

Member of parliament Oren Hazan who is known as the Israeli Donald Trump said he would have kicked Ahed Tamimi in the face if he was the soldier.

Another Member of Parliament Michael Oren mocked Tamimi as a Palestinian dressed in American clothing to provoke responses from IDF soldiers.

Many people in the media made the ridiculous accusation that she wasn’t a real Palestinian because she is a white girl, to the ignorance of many the last name Tamimi is a very common Arab name in Israel.

Tamimi is also a large family in Hebron where many of them are white, what many people fail to know or realize is that many Arabs in Israel are white not just brown and there is a small number of them that are black.

Arabs are not a racial group but, an ethnic group made of many different religions and races which seeing a blonde Arab girl is not outside of the norm but, for people who have never been or met Arabs before they have a stereotype they are all brown.

All these comments just helped to fuel the anti-Israel rhetoric of how this poor seventeen year old girl is being smeared and harassed in the media by full grown Israeli adults.

After getting out of prison because of all the media coverage she received she became an automatic celebrity.

In the US there could have been a teen who smacked a police officer and served a prison sentence of eight months, if US politicians were to the same thing he would be touring Europe talking about how the US unjustly locks up juveniles in prisons.

Ahed Tamimi had her passport stamped quite a few times now through out the world along with interviews in Arabic on France 24 calling for the support of Hezbollah and Hamas.

According to Sputnik News Tamimi praised Hezbollah and their Leader Hassan Nasrallah and received a huge backlash from both Saudi and Syrian supporters of a regime change in Syria.

Many of her Pro-Palestinian peers like Tamimi support terrorism against the state of Israel and its Jewish citizens which is why she is not special nor unique for stating support for Hezbollah since the same can be found on college campuses across the western world.

Ahed has been on a victory tour ever since her release from an Israeli military prison where she was studying to complete her high school degree and was later invited by the French communist party to speak in France.

She started her world tour  in Paris, where she participated in the Communist Party’s Rally for Humanity where she was cheered by thousands of people chanting freedom for Palestine.

According to Arab News, “Her family was invited as official guests of Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Israeli bombing of what was then the Palestine Liberation Organization’s headquarters. At the ceremony, Essebsi gave her a statue of a silver dove with an olive branch.”

No one out of their right mind would honor a terror organization for them being blown up in a counter terror raid in response for killing Israeli citizens in Cyprus and yet Tamimi because she supports terrorism mourns for the death of terrorists.

This would be similar to Americans mourning the deaths of Al Qaeda terrorists being killed in bombings from American airstrikes after they struck the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Ahed has been all over the world meeting with world leaders from the President of Turkey to the King of Jordan where she has been hailed as a heroine.

Giving attention to some juvenile delinquent by Israeli media and politicians has only created a monster who will serve to defame Israel and Zionism for years to come.

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About the Author
Shlomo was born in Florida and moved to Israel in 2012, he holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science, served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda battalion and is a current reservist in the Golani Brigade.