How anti-Semites protect themselves

In the mendacious media haunts of anti-Zionists it’s worse to accuse somebody of being anti-Semitic than to be anti-Semitic. That extends to Holocaust deniers who coattail on ‘middle-of-the-road’ anti-Semites, like Sheikh Adel Bin Ahmad of Jiddah.

The Jews disseminate everywhere the lie of the Holocaust and claim that Hitler killed six million Jews in gas chambers. Although pure falsehood, they have made it part of their history and accuse everyone who denies a holocaust of anti-Semitism.

This defense mechanism, device, ruse, game plan, system – call it what you will – has taken hold, and it’s not going to release its grip without a fight. Useful ideas never do. And when they’re a refuge for anti-Semites the fight turns ugly.

The Marc Antony game

  The rules are not difficult. The game starts off with a Jew who comes to ‘court’ armed with the accused’s record of anti-Israel invective. He gets no further than the courthouse steps, where a barrage of ridicule greets him. The steps provide a good vantage point for the accused; better than going into court and have to engage with the evidence against him. Like a Marc Antony, he prefers to appeal to an out of court mob, before allowing the mob to carry him off, wearing his victimhood like a medal.

Here are some mob-appealing statements. They are more or less all  steeped in ridicule, and delivered on the courthouse steps.  Importantly, notice how they turn the accused anti-Semite into a victim.

Mob Appeals


The anti-Semitism gag is wearing … thin when it is so freely bandied about against anyone who criticises the Israeli government. – John Battersby, Sunday Independent


Israelis protected from censure partly because of fears that any criticism of its actions is potentially “anti-Semitic”. …Israel uses that to tar and warn off legitimate criticism. – Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Independent’s Muslim columnist.


Whenever Israel comes under international pressure to resolve its conflict with the Palestinians …its apologists allege that the world is awash in anti-Semitism.                           Norman Finkelstein. Author


The government ofIsraelis placed on a pedestal, and to criticise it is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic. Archbishop Desmond Tutu


How to shut up your critics by uttering a single word.           Robert Fisk,Independent


There seems to be an unwritten law that Israel and Jews cannot be criticized, particularly by blacks.  Founder of Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan

The Jew of old appears

It’s not a pretty picture. And notice the racial card played by the final  statement: superior Jews regard lowly black people unfit to judge them.

But notice the card they all play, the bad Jew card, depicting a crafty and loathsome character. The Jew, we’re led to believe, is intolerant, devious, cowardly, not very bright and  short of facts. Denigrators of Israel, on the other hand, supposedly have truth on their side.

A new myth

So we’re presented with a new kind of Jew, quite different in make-up to the tribe known, indeed often despised, for its argumentative ways. Jews are nothing if not divisive. One might even say that God encrypted a hypercritical gene into His chosen  people.

Yet Israel-bashers claim differently. Jews lacking the wherewithal to engage in argument, resort to spiteful abuse. ‘Anti-Semite!’ We’re told to believe in a thorough and radical break from what it means to be Jewish.

Hauling mob-appealers into court

But, we’re on the court-house steps, remember. Having mob appeal is one thing, but Fisk, Farrakhan, Tutu & Co have yet to make their case. Would their Jew caricature hold up in court?

Robert Fisk in the dock

“How to shut up your critics by uttering a single word”  Fisk moans, in the wake of this record:

  1. Frenetically searches out blood libels, especially child-killing Jews. “When will Sharon’s army stop killing children?”
  2. Regularly censors news that spoil his narrative: intra – Palestinian violence, corrupt  Palestinians, genocidal Hamas statements
  3. Idolizes Holocaust denier, Hannan Ashrawi
  4. Covers up abuse of Palestinian children for front line action
  5. Manufactures fatality figures. (90% of Palestinians killed were civilian)
  6. Pedals ‘new history’ – ethnic cleansing, wars of aggression.
  7. Bitter feelings over the military prowess of the IDF
  8. Praised the ‘fearless honesty’ of co-worker Phil Reeves before Reeves sold the fraud of modern media history. (Jenin massacre)
  9. Libelled a Saudi prince with false accusations. Employer, the Independent, compelled to pay damages.

While engaged in this productive way Fisk finds occasion to moan that Jews want to shut him up.

Norman Finkelstein in the dock   

“Israel’s apologists allege that the world is awash in anti-Semitism.”

  1. Claims that Jews employ the Holocaust to stop criticism of Israel. (The ‘Holocaust Industry.’)
  2. Wonders whether the Nazi hatred of the Jews was justified.
  3. Compares Israeli acts to Nazi acts through adjectives ‘cruel’ ‘criminal, ‘brutal.’
  4. Claims that while the Nazis were putting Jews to death, Zionists sought to collaborate with Hitler.

Definition of anti-Semite, per US State Dept:

“Criticism of Israel goes into anti-Semitism when it vilifies Israeli  leaders through a comparison with Nazi leaders, or through the use of Nazi symbols to caricature them. This indicates anti-Semitic bias rather than a valid criticism of Israeli policy.”

Desmond Tutu in the dock

“To criticize Israel is to be immediately dubbed anti-Semitic.”

With hand on the bible the ‘Arch’ swore the following ‘criticisms’ of Israel.

  1. “Jewish lobby is too powerful and scary.”
  2. “Jews are a “peculiar people.“
  3. “The Jews cause many of the world’s problems.”
  4. “Israel acts in an “un-Christian way.”
  5. “The gas chambers made for a neater death than Black people suffered under Apartheid.”
  6. Jews must “forgive the Nazis for the Holocaust .”
  7. “The world went to war over the death of 6 million Jews.”
  8. Tutu mentors raving anti-Semite Terry Crawford-Browne

Louis Farrakhan in the dock

Law that Israel and Jews cannot be criticized, particularly by blacks.”

 “Judaism is a dirty religion and the Jews an accursed people.”                   (1984 Vice- Presidential campaign for Jesse Jackson.).

Two thousand years have not changed the Jews, nor God’s condemnation of them.”  (The Final Call, 1986).

John Battersby in the dock

“Anti-Semitism gag wearing thin …freely bandied about against anyone who criticises the Israeli government.”

  1. Proposed that Israel be treated as a rogue state alongside Korea and Libya.
  2. Was the paid guest of Saudi Arabia, whose minister dished out money to anti-Israel propagandists.
  3. Sided with view that Israelis act like Nazis.

Critical of Israel?

The footballer’s foul

What lessons can be drawn from these mob appealers? There are two, one of them simple, the other a deeper and more troubling lesson. The simple one first. “How to shut your critics up with a single word,” complained Fisk, all the while bent on shutting up his critics before they close on his trail of falsifications and frauds.

It’s the old game plan in football. Tackled by his opposite number a player will dive to the turf crying foul, expecting one, two or three things to happen.

(a) The game, up to this point running against his team, will break up and hopefully turn.

(b) Pressure will be diverted to the opponents.

(c) The fouler will be shown the red card and the victim’s team awarded a penalty.

How may we compare footballer with Fisk and co? They are alike in their bluffing and unlike in their bluffs. They cry foul the moment someone tackles their records of Israel demonization and anti-Jewish bias. They turn themselves into victims. And whilst the victims writhe in agony, the public lose sight of their dirty play. Attention and demand to explain conduct, shift to the pro-Zionists. Then the red card comes out and the pro-Zionists, hunched and bowed, walk off to the sin bin to the chorus of jeers. Then Fisk & co get their penalty: public sympathy for them and public contempt for the Zionists. Then the game is over.

The ploy of turning the tables

We come to the deeper, more troubling game.  Bar none, every mob-appealer plays it, with this rule in mind:

Whatever I, or my Palestinians, are guilty of, I’ll make the Jews guilty of that same thing.

Thus works the mind of Tutu and co.

“I want to gag Jews in order to stop them exposing my hatred. In that case I’ll accuse Jews of wanting to gag me.

“When Palestinians murder Israeli children, I’ll accuse Israel of murdering Palestinian children.”

If Arabs ethnically cleansed Jews from their ancient homelands of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon Syria, I’ll make Israel guilty of ethnic cleansing the Palestinians.

If the Arabs attacked Israel, I’ll accuse Israel of attacking them.

If 90% of Israelis killed by Palestinians were civilians, I’ll claim that 90% of Palestinians killed by the IDF were civilians.

If I have nothing but wild allegations to level, I’ll accuse Zionists of ducking criticism of Israel.

When my stock in trade lies and cover-ups are about to be exposed, I’ll play the ‘bad Jew’ card.


About the Author
The writer is a prolific author of novels and non-fiction, essayist and commentator on ‘Enemies of Zion’ which happens also to be the title of his latest book. His works are The Paymaster, 1998; Hadrian’s Echo, 2012; Contributor to ‘War by other means: Israel and its detractors’, 2012; Enemies of Zion, (for publication 2017); and Balaam’s curse ( a novel in progress)