How can I believe in peace?

This morning there was another terrorist attack in Jerusalem, but this one was different. Two Palestinian men murdered four and injured six more.

These Jews were Haredim, the majority refuse to serve in the army. I may not agree with what they believe, but they did nothing wrong. They were peaceful people, praying at a place of worship.

This photograph breaks my heart. How can there be peace when people hate the Jewish people so much? How can an attack like this be justified?

This conflict has nothing to do with land or the occupation, it’s about religion.

Courtesy of Arutz Sheva
A Siddur and Tallit soaking a blood at the scene

I don’t believe in peace anymore, how can I?

When people want to kill me just for being Jewish, how can I believe in peace?

How can I believe in peace when there have been several attacks in the past two months, and each one gets worse?

How can I feel safe when anti-semitism is at an increasing high and Jews have become daily targets of attack in Europe?

There must be peace, we are made to live together but;

How can I believe in peace when I don’t feel safe in the only place in the world where I’m supposed to feel safe.

About the Author
Yoshua Goodman is currently on the NATIV gap year program.