Could it be any easier?

‘Shapiro’s comments came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directly linked the two subjects, something Israeli leaders have tried to steer clear of in the past.’

But can there be some actual linkage between the Iranian nuclear program and that of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?

Could a totally successful outcome in the presently stalled negotiations provide for a complete regional rethink, especially where atomic weapons and their proliferation are concerned?

What might be the next order of business if endless conflict suddenly gave way to a permanent, regulated and unbreakable ceasefire, thereby changing mindsets and futures in a manner never before experienced in all of the Middle East’s turbulent history?

As a notional fancy, indulging in such idle speculation is fine since the odds against it happening for real are so high that any further thoughts on the matter seem hardly worth pursuing. Yet so pivotal is this central role that has defined and restricted Palestinians and Israelis for generations, any significant deviation from it must have far wider implications for the entire locality and all those residing therein. And even those of us nowhere near the place.

So let’s think about ‘significant deviation’ here.

This would instantly show that everyone had suddenly become very serious about bringing peace to a part of the world not exactly noted for the tranquility of its surroundings nor the serenity of its peoples.

All done with some very basic maths and a few random elements thrown in for good measure.

I mean, really, how could it be any easier?

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