How Gal Gadot exposes the Anti-Semitimic society

Gal Gadot as Wonder-Woman/Photograph: Clay Enos/AP

Gal Gadot is a famous Israeli Hollywood actress.

Gal Gadot plays one of the most iconic characters in DC movies, Wonder Woman.

Commonly, celebrities such as Hollywood actors suffer criticism from fans. However, in Gal’s case, the criticism comes from another motive. The hatred of Israel and Jews, or in other worlds Anti-Semitism.

Gal Gadot turned to a punching bag for those who hate Israel.

This situation represents to the whole world what Anti-Semitism is.

The only difference in Gal’s Anti-Semitic experience is that Gal suffers it publicly since she is a public personality. It can be a chance for the world to learn what is real Anti-Semitism. But, unfortunately, this case won’t teach the world a lesson.

Ever since Gal Gadot stepped into the Job of playing Wonder-Woman, more and more accusations came out against her.

Gal Gadot might be a celebrity, but still a private person. So how does she get attacked with accusations all the time?

Her Jewish and Israeli identity is the answer.

How can people accuse Gal of death of Arab children,(which is caused by Hamas and the PA) without knowing what she served as in the IDF? The answer is easy, demonizing and delegitimizing.

Gal Gadot served as a fitness instructor in the IDF, so she can’t be associated with all the riots the Arabs in Judea Samaria and Gaza cause.

People demonize the actions of the IDF and spread fake news about soldiers as a way to delegitimize Israel’s existence.

The reality is that Arab children keep throwing stones at soldiers since they know nothing will happen to them.

But this case has nothing to do with Gal Gadot’s military service.

They take advantage of her service as a way to use her as another reason to boycott Israel. Gal is an Israeli, so if you boycott Israel, you should also boycott her.

They use her as an example (and a way to make another lie) of why people should delegitimize Israel’s existence. They spread lies about her which are a part of the lies that they spread about the IDF to demonize them so the criticism of a military that protects the only safe place for Jews will be legitimate.

Gal Gadot is a way for Anti-Semites to disconnect Jewish history from the land of Israel.

Jews were all originally from Judea and exiled to different parts of the world. Jews later kept returning to their land because they were expelled and massacred in the diaspora.

Therefore, mentioning a Jewish ethnicity from the diaspora without acknowledging that all Jews came from the Judea is a history denial and Anti-Semitism.

Gal Gadot currently seems to be taking a bullet for all the Jewish community. The attacks on her represent what is Anti-Semitic about our society, which isn’t going to change any time soon.

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Rotem is a public diplomacy activist since 2014 on social media.S he has an Instagram page with thousands of followers called @teens.for.israel which it's main target is to work with youth around the world, educate them about the Israeli Arab conflict and expose the truth about Israel. She made lots of projects in this page collaborating youth from all around the wrold (jews and non -jews). In addition, she collaborated with the digital department of the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs on social media and with other popular public diplomacy activists on social media. She is a former spoksesperson of a right winged political Israeli party youth headquarters and has an op-ed at a youth news site.
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