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How Hamas rationalizes murder

On October 7th, 2023, atrocities were committed against Jews to an extent not seen since the Holocaust. In response, rational people worldwide wonder how Hamas could commit actions as deplorable as the premeditated murder of babies. The answer is that such behavior is perfectly logical under a fascistic worldview. The national political ideology of Palestine is fascism, and under such a worldview, total genocidal war is the logical outcome.

As nationalism swept across the world in the early 20th century, leaders of each country had to decide how to organize their societies. The early Zionists sided with the democratic British. The Palestinians sided with the fascists, as best exemplified through the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini meeting with Adolf Hitler.

At the onset of the 20th century, the Israelis chose democracy and the sanctity of each individual life. The Palestinians chose fascism and the collective above all else. Under Liberal doctrine, Israelis hold that each life is holy and cannot be sacrificed for the collective. Under a fascistic doctrine the Palestinians view each life as a singular part of a larger collective. As a result, the Israelis have prospered while the Palestinians have seen nothing but economic stagnation and death.

Fascism holds that the collective is the most important element of a society. Each individual life has no meaning on its own, but rather its purpose comes as being a singular part of a larger collective. Ideological strains of fascism also believe in Darwinian evolutionary struggle. Under Darwinian political theory, each country fights out with one another until there is total victory and only one left. Under a fascistic worldview, global peace is a farce. Two different groups cannot live alongside one another. One must win and destroy the other. Of course, Darwinian international political struggle is a complete lie. France can live alongside Germany, and the United States can live alongside China.

At the onset, the Palestinians were relatively secular ethnic fascists. However, in the early 1970s, Palestinians began to fuse fascistic militant ideology with Islam to create some of the first Islamic jihadist movements. At its core, this ideology holds that the world must be united under the singular religion of Islam and that individual Muslims and Arabs find meaning in their lives by furthering this outcome through violent struggle. Islamo-fascists believe Palestine is the forward position in the broader movement for global Islamic conquest. These new fascists have replaced a struggle for a master race with a struggle for a master religion.

Therefore, when a Hamas militant kills an Israeli baby, that individual life does not stand on its own, but rather, that baby’s life is only a part of the larger Zionist entity. There is no difference between a soldier and a baby, as both are a singular part of a “maligned” collective. When Hamas went across the border to kill, their goal was not to gain land but to weaken the Zionist entity. Their fight is not for territory but to rid the world of the Jewish Zionist enemy and other infidels in a struggle to the death. Of course, this violates Islamic theological doctrine, but to the fascists, individual rights are nonsense.

Fascism is a bad way to organize a nation, even under its own logic. Fascism has two primary problems. The first is that fascism creates high government corruption that stagnates economic growth, weakening militaries. The second problem is that fascism quells internal descent and, through its commitment to Darwinian struggle, eventually commits horrendous actions that unite actors of all stripes against them. For example, the Nazis were so vile and committed such barbarity that they convinced the capitalist and communist to align.

There are people who argue that Palestinians are only radical because Israel has impoverished them. However, this ignores the agency of the Palestinians themselves. The Palestinians are poor because they are radical fascists. Their early leadership chose to become fascist. No one imposed this political ideology upon them.

In conclusion, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is ideological. On the one side are those who believe in the sanctity of each life; on the other side are those who believe in a collective violent Darwinian struggle for existence. The Palestinians do not believe that Israel should exist, and they believe it is their duty to rid the world of the collective Israeli identity through violence, one person at a time. The only way this conflict can ever be resolved is to destroy the Islamo-fascism ideology that has infected the minds of the Palestinian people. I have no idea how the Palestinian’s hearts and minds can be won, but understanding that this is the root cause of the conflict and holding the Palestinians responsible for such vile beliefs is the first step in ending the conflict in the land of Israel.

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Jonathan Kohan is currently a student at Cornell Law School. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania. Jonathan is interested in comparative politics, political procedure, and morality. He is currently writing a book discussing religion in the 21st century.
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