How Much Is A Jew Worth? Stop Using The Holocaust!

There it was!  Glaring at me, a post on social media begging me to scream, “enough is enough!”

This analogy to Jews being turned away is completely flawed.   Comparing the use of tear gas to disperse rioting mobs throwing broken bottles and rocks at officers in no way resembles the designed planned mass eradication of an entire people by gassing them to death.   My spine tingles every time I hear these accusations.

Repeated “arguments” in the news and social media that this is what’s happening don’t make it true! People really need to understand history, and what exactly they are saying. One must know the full story, and maybe then they’d realize the incongruous, absurd and sacrilegious, dismissive and dangerous misappropriation of comparing the southern border situation and immigration to The Holocaust.  Jews were worthless and expendable.  They came in peace and pieces–fleeing for their lives, wishing no harm to whatever host country would have them.  They just wanted to live, to survive.  They wanted to become part of their new country, not destroy it.  They didn’t storm anyone’s shores or borders, or start riots.  They had nothing, absolutely nothing.  People seeking escape don’t carry flags from the countries they’re fleeing.  The Jews weren’t carrying German flags on the SS St Louis.

What’s happening now has been abhorrent, is grossly inhumane, but in stark contrast to the Jews’ situation. There is a political and violent agenda behind the caravan.  Women and children deliberately are being put at the front of the lines by the men, exploited so they’ll be hurt before anyone.  Then they can cry outrage.  They are the men’s human shields.  Cowards- call it what it is! If they want to come here in peace, legally, that means obeying laws, not storming violently against the very country they claim they want to be part of!?

Stop the comparisons to The Holocaust and Jews fleeing for their lives.  American officers are not Nazis, tear gas is not Zyklone.  Yes immigrants deserve a better life.  Yes, Never Again means we must rise to be a better humanity!  True!

Heaven forbid, don’t make such an egregious injustice to all the Kedoshim, zk’l, who were annihilated and turned away too, by country after country, for the one and only reason, that they were Jewish.  It wasn’t about quotas or possible diseases they could bring with them into other countries, though countries hid behind that as an excuse to deny Jews entry.  It was 1938, Germany was rounding up and devastating what once was a thriving Jewish community, which  in fact had contributed to Germany’s culture and society.

Many of the immigrants may have real issues, and may sincerely fear for their lives.  Their needs are real and must be addressed.  But in no way do their unlawful actions serve themselves or America.  Certainly, this can’t be compared to unwanted Jews on their knees begging for entry!

History lessons to remember:  Concentration camps were in place since 1933.  The Jews’ fleeing in 1938  per NYT news headline above, was actually only days after what we know too well as “Kristallnacht”!  Jewish homes and properties were plundered and confiscated, hundreds of their synagogues burned, their jobs stripped away from them, their citizenship having been revoked years before then.  They were banned from professions and entry into most parts of society.  Children were separated from their parents, fleeing for their lives, not really by choice, but out of desperation to get out.

Please give me the “Kristallnacht” episodes of the Mexicans and immigrants and then there can be a conversation.  Honestly, don’t.  It hurts me to even say these words.  It’s  terribly insensitive and absolutely ludicrous.  Chas v’shalom, no people should ever experience what the Jewish people endured.  That’s precisely the point though.

Until then, this is a humanitarian crisis, and admittedly a monumental one, but in NO WAY can it be juxtaposed or compared to, or ever given the slightest hint of  Holocaust references. That is the issue related in the above post that is reprehensible and can never ever be allowed or pleaded!    

The immigrants on the southern border were (are) throwing rocks, bottles, and sharp objects of a dangerous nature at the border patrols, which led the patrols to protect themselves and the border.  They were not on their knees waiting for asylum.

The analogy being used in the media is beyond insensitive.  It is shameful to all who comprehend the magnitude of The Holocaust, the history of rampant anti semitism in (pre-war) Germany, and the world for that matter.  It’s shameful and a disservice to all who love and value America’s freedoms.  Our freedoms are diminished when trampled on and collectively dismissed for convenience.  Tragically The Holocaust is unique in history.  It is OUR history.  That is the urgency and anguish that many feel.  It is good to feel.  We are human and we know more than most the need for humankind to be human and kind!  Let’s use that!  May we find the way together as human beings, as Jews, as Americans, to be good, concerned active members of society, to sensitively, lawfully help the oppressed achieve freedom.  Still, we must remember:

Its place in history will forever stand alone in a dark incomprehensible place, which is why The Holocaust is never to be used as it was here.   Otherwise, what is a Jew worth? 




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