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How Non Jews Feel About An Embassy Move

As a Jewish Zionist, I am often asked by Christians, Catholics, Atheists and even Moslems I am either friends with or have met through multiple professional ventures, “How do Jews feel about Israel, and particularly Jerusalem?”

Many find themselves confused, seeking simple answers that address many issues. The relocation of the American Embassy seems like a no-brainer to them.

They question why we as Jews, the “Chosen People” are not in 100 percent agreement as to recognizing Jerusalem as the only official capital of Israel and as Americans wanting our Embassy in Jerusalem. Would we expect American Embassies and Homes of our Ambassadors, Officials and their staff located in cities other than capitals anywhere else in the world?

Russ Finley, a Christian Zionist, was one of those who recently contacted me on my thoughts of the recent updates trending throughout social media outlets announcing a move is imminent and could happen as early as next week.”

“I can’t wait. This is so exciting. Finally, after talk and no action from previous administrations, we may finally get what most Americans think is fair,” said Finley. Russ Finley doesn’t look or sound like anyone who one would guess who know and understand the historical, legal and religious connections to Israel and the Jewish people.

Finley is a beef-cattle farmer, a real estate broker and a seven-time member of the United States bobsled team.

“People like myself know that once the embassy is officially located in Jerusalem, Jews, Christians, Arabs and anyone else for that matter will feel more secure entering the city, visiting their respective Holy Sites, and appreciating our country’s respect for our closet ally in an ever growing more dangerous location around the world,” Finley added.

President Trump ran on a promise to Christian Evangelical and Jewish leaders to move the Embassy.

Finley got his hopes up when he read that while speaking at an event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the United Nations vote to create the free state is Israel. Vice President Pence has made it clear that the Trump Administration Campaign promise of moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem would be fulfilled.

This comes days after Ambassador David Friedman spoke in front of 1,200 Zionists at The Zionist Organization of America’s Gala in New York and said with no hesitation, “It’s not a matter of “if”, it is a matter of “when.”

However, White House has issued a statement stating that nothing is official regarding a move as of the date this article is published.

These statements do not minimize the enthusiasm of Finley, who as a congressional candidate, is tired of this issue being seen as a tool to garner votes around election time then ignored by previous leadership by both party administrations.

“It is a relief to hear movement on a campaign promise,” Finley added.

In October, during celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Minority Leader, Senator Chuck Schumer called for the move, saying “We have waited too long and that this moves makes clear The U.S. commitment to Israel.

Nikki Haley, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, has been very outspoken on her support for the move as well.

“This move to recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel by the United States sends a clear and powerful message to the world. The Israeli State is not only our closest allie, but one of our closest friends. Therefore we support and recognize their capitol. While the United States must remain vigilant to all the evil in the world. We are also obligated to send a clear message that the not only the Israeli State. But the millions of members of the Jewish faith both in this nation and around the world, will forever be defended by America and your Christian Brethren!”

Russ Finley is a Candidate New York’s 21st Congressional District. The Times Of Israel does not endorse candidates from any American political party.

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Cindy Grosz is an accomplished activist for pro-Israel and Jewish interests. She writes about “Everything Jewish” and has appeared in multiple media outlets. She is a Contributor on The Jersey Joe Radio Show on WOR710AM, syndicated through iHeartRadio. Grosz is the author of Rubber Room Romance, Everything You Need to Know and Ask About the Education System. Cindy Grosz is an Advisor on the National Diversity Coalition for Trump 2020. She can be found on social media at @cindyscorners, as well as at