How Three Entrepreneurs Under 30 Created a Viral Phenomenon

They Reached Hundreds of Millions from Over 200 Countries

It all started in 2016. While working at PRPL, their advertising agency, Ori Mendi and Orr Katznelson discovered the high demand for personalized content online. The realization that people are rather self-involved, but also outgoing, brought them to the idea of developing a personalized gaming platform that will supply these combined demands which we all share.

The founding team was joined by Daniel Tony, who previously worked as a developer in PRPL Group, and together they decided to found Kueez, which is pronounced exactly the same way as the word Quiz in English.

After a single year online, Kueez was recognized as the Israeli website with the top number of hits in the world, at times surpassing even MTV and the British Sun, with a record 150 million hits in a single month!

So, what brought three young entrepreneurs together to build a self-funded start-up that ended up being visited by one in five Americans using the internet in the last year?

The people behind the company
Kueez was founded by Ori Mendi, 32, who specializes in media and marketing, Orr Katznelson, 28, whose specialty is user experience design, and Daniel Tony, 26, technology expert. They funded the start-up completely independently, with no outside funding. 

Kueez’ Content
The website consists mainly of short games: Unique visual filters, celebrities’ games, localized games specific to the user’s country, “friends” games (“Which Friend Will Be with You in 30 Years?), and games that analyze the user’s face or profile by different personality areas. Users who wish to find a more in-depth and complexed content can find it on the Stories section, which offers the user interesting and individualized articles on topics of interest.

The technologies employed by the company
As mentioned before, there are three main technologies being used:

AI – Technology is implemented that draws information from the user’s profile, and applies it to create content that will engage the user, flatter, and make users share and pass it forward.

Facial recognition – The technology immediately recognizes whether the user is male or female, young or old, and many other details.

Deep learning – Like the WOPR in the 1980s cult classic film Wargames, Kueez has developed an algorithm that can forecast the chance of a game’ success, using the system to decide which content to display to the users, where and when to do it.

The potential has been recognized by UNICEF
The great success of Kueez stems from the fact that the content is uniquely matched to the user – like the “How would you look if you were the opposite gender?” game, the “How you will look in 20 years?” game, and “Who sees you as close friend?”, and more.

Companies and organizations have also recognized the potential, and Kueez has created unique campaigns for the Azrieli Group, and for the UNICEF foundation, which works on the behalf of the UN to help the children of the world. The UNICEF campaign encouraged users to join a worldwide petition which will move countries to expand the medical support given to each mother and child in impoverished countries.

Facing the future
Looking ahead, the Kueez team never rests; it works tirelessly to improve every aspect of the company. Last September, it presented a booth at DM EXCO, the largest media convention in the world, which took place in Germany and created new partnerships with several international organizations. The new game that is expected to take the world by a storm is “Which Hairstyle Should You Get?” In this game as well as the previous ones, Kueez intends to provide new, previously unseen content. The user experience based on the result is predicted to be highly entertaining.

You may want to see the program before your next visit to the barbershop.

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Formerly from Israel, now in Delaware, I have owned, run and worked with food, technology and politics, beginning with the MFA and several Knesset members.
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