How to destroy Israel

I have decided to join the ranks of the renegades and offer the secret to the destruction of the state of Israel.

If you hate Israel and want to see its demise keep reading, for the secret to her destruction is written below. Please bear with me.

Zionism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was a dream of freedom. A dream few Jews believed could become a reality. There were so many obstacles that few actually travelled to Palestine and of those that made it there only those who could never go back home remained. Even the greats of Zionism, David Ben Gurion, Ahad Ha’am, Menachem Begin, Haim Weitzman, spent few years before 1945 in Palestine and far more time in the diaspora.

In fact there were years in the early twentieth century when more Jews left Palestine than arrived. Until Hitler came along and the Jews ran away to any country they could. Including Palestine.

In 1945 when the borders to the USA were closed. When the camps were liberated. When the communists had been gassed or shot together with the Bundists and the Zionists who hadn’t left in time. Only one ideology was still standing.

Only one Hope had withstood this most cruel Darwinian test of survival.


The ideology, the dream of Jewish nationalism, which was spurned as being too hard and impractical by most Jews before the Second World War had proven itself to be the only idea that could work in a world of nation states.

Israel was the only answer to our own question of how to survive in a harsh world.

Survive. Not thrive. Survive. Our battle cry is עם ישראל חי, the People of Israel live!

Just living, no more, no less.

Zionism is only popular with Jews, only exists out of a desperate, inescapable NEED for it. It exists because of a demand for it created by the antisemitism that Jew after Jew, community after community has experienced in country after country in the world. And now that Israel does exist, every Jew who moves there is Israel’s gain and someone else’s loss.

One million Jews were driven out of Arab countries of the Middle East straight into Israel. Would Israel have been able to exist without them?

In a twist of fate, the state of Israel lives and thrives (certainly in comparison with her neighbors) because of antisemitism not in spite of it.

Would a tiny country have been able to fight the Sinai Campaign in 1956 or win the Six Day War if its population hadn’t more than doubled in size?

I doubt it. But Israel haters please note that once again Jews fled when they had no choice, not because a million of them simply, collectively, woke up one morning and thought moving to Israel would be a fun thing to do.

A million Jews made it to Israel once the Iron Curtain collapsed. The most academically diverse, educated aliyah Israel had yet experienced made Israel the hi-tech powerhouse it is today. Israel hater think about that. Jews had been oppressed under the Czars, providing the forge within which Zionism was molded. Then the communists took over with an entirely different ideology and world view. And oppressed the Jews. Then decades later a million Jews moved to Israel.

Think about that. Antisemitism at work.

And now the French aliyah. Thousands more well educated and in many cases wealthy Jews from France are packing their bags and going anywhere they can. Including to Israel.

Antisemitism at work.

Israel is the solution to antisemitism not the cause of it. Some people who hate Israel hate Jews. Everyone who hates Jews hates Israel. Ending antisemitism would end Israel.

The former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone recently ranted that “Hitler was a Zionist”. He wasn’t. Clearly. He simply proved just how important, just how righteous, how necessary Zionism is.

Antisemitism at work.

Think about that.

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada