Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

How to save all lives — Jewish and also Arab

1. Don’t give away land. (Because giving away land enables October 7 attacks.)

2. Don’t even talk about giving away land. (The Lubavitcher Rebbe, who envisioned peace for the entire world, said that even talking about giving away land leads to the opposite of peace, because it encourages terrorism, because terrorists think that they have something to gain. The Rebbe said, that the Prime Minister of Israel needs to state clearly, to the U.S. and to the world, that the rumour about Israel giving away land is false.)

3. If one did give away land, and October 7 happened, then smash and destroy the enemy. (Because eradicating evil allows the world to be peaceful.)

Lately numerous articles are popping up trying to convince everyone that a two-state solution is the only solution.

And a plethora of reasons and rationales are offered, in an effort to convince everyone that in spite of October 7, and even because of October 7, the opportunity is ripe. It’s a perfect time, they argue, to grab the opportunity. If we wait, then it may be too late.

Sort of reminds me of a salesperson on a buying channel, urging and warning that if you don’t buy this unbelievable offer now, you will lose this wonderful fabulous chance forever.

The only difference between the above articles and the buying channel, is that in the buying channel the product offered for sale is shown to be a wonderful product that works perfectly and wonderfully (although the viewer has no idea if this claim is true). In the above articles, however, the October 7 calamity is clearly mentioned.

In other words, it would be as if the home buying channel told you that the product they are selling has a horrible track record. It breaks, has injured people, and is a terrible product. But buy it anyway.

Are the above articles written for dummies, to convince stupid people to give away land even though past results have been so devastating?

These writers are pretty much saying: “You have to grab this offer now, to give away land. It didn’t work before? There were intifadas and terrorism and October 7? Don’t pay any attention to that. I will give you many reasons why this time it will work.”

Two articles that I read, basically say: “Shame on you for not accepting this once-in-a-lifetime offer of a two-state solution.”

I would like to turn it around. I would like to tell these writers: Shame on you for wanting to again endanger lives. Shame on you for playing with the emotions of people who are mourning and suffering. How can you be so incredibly insensitive? You know very well the dangers, clear and proven, of giving away land. How dare you torment and try to take advantage of people in trauma, trying to survive and to defend themselves?

Where is your sense of decency and compassion? Stop fooling yourself and trying to fool others. Instead of badgering, show some caring for a nation in pain, surrounded by vicious enemies.

Giving away land brings war and devastation also to Arabs. The way to bring peace in the Middle East, is by Israel holding on to all its land. A strong Israel will discourage enemies from starting up. And this will save all lives, including Arab lives.

And may the Almighty protect His people, and very soon bring the complete redemption with Moshiach, so that everyone will see G-d’s presence, and His love for His people, on the land that He promised them, the complete and holy land of Israel, and the entire world will be peaceful forever.

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