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How to stop a terrorist without getting hurt

There are two ways to protect yourself against a terrorist: 1) defend yourself against his evil actions; 2) make sure he never even entertains the idea to do harm.

There are many experts that can teach you the first option, how to protect yourself against a terrorist attack.

How do you accomplish the second, preferred option? How do you make sure that a terrorist does not become one to begin  with?

Educate him.

When a person believes that the world came into existence through a cosmic accident and that his personal existence is the result of a biological accident, why not kill?

Why not?

When, however, one believes that the world was created by G-d for a purpose and one is born to fulfill a specific purpose within it, one becomes purpose driven, focused and has no need nor time to be distracted by others, bored, envious and desirous to kill them.

How do we create a society in which people believe that every human life is holy and has a G-d given purpose, especially in an educational system where mention of G-d is forbidden?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, may his merit shield us, has long ago promoted the following solution: A Moment of Silence. Begin every school day with a minute of silence during which every student must think about the purpose of life. What is the purpose of life? The State cannot answer that question. The student must ask his parents, mentor or spiritual guide. The State, however, can and must send the message that education that does not teach their children the importance of having an answer to “why?”, will end up having created monsters that know “how” but have no idea how to answer the question “what?”.

The most efficient way to combat Antisemitism is by promoting Semitism as expressed through the universal code of the Seven Noahide Laws.

A Moment of Silence is a great place to start. Statistics show that juvenile delinquency goes down in communities where children have A Moment of Silence incorporated into their education.

Thank you Rabbi Goldstein for sharing that lesson with the world.

(See Rabbi Goldstein’s Rose Garden address:  youtu.be/9xSPehgRbOo )

I’d love to hear from you.

For more info: www.momentofsilence.info

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Rabbi Eliezer Shemtov, born in in Brooklyn, NY in 1961. Received Smicha From Tomchei Temimim in 1984 and shortly after was sent by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, may his merit shield us, together with his wife Rachel to establish the first Beit Chabad in Montevideo, Uruguay and direct Chabad activities in that country. He has authored many articles on Judaism that have been published internationally. Since publishing his popular book on intermarriage, "Dear Rabbi, Why Can't I Marry Her?" he has authored several books in Spanish, English and Hebrew dealing with the challenges that the contemporary Jew has to deal with.
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