Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


How did everything happen?

How did Planet Earth form, out of nothing?

Dry land, above the water. Dry land, where people work, children play, food grows, energy warms.

Dry land. Not arid craters, like on the moon. Not gases, or fiery hot surfaces, like on some planets. Dry land, where apples grow. And seeds within the apples are planted, and more apples grow.

Dry land. Beautiful landscapes of mountains, rivers, green grass, tall trees.

Where people sit, and marvel at the sunrise, and sunset. The beauty matched by the wonder.

As we sit on dry land, or stand, or walk, or dance, as we contemplate our planet, the land that is formed in a round planet, with everything it needs to sustain life. as we look, in awe, at the dry land, above the waters, we gather our senses, and think about where it all came from. Whose hands formed it,

And we thank our Creator, for forming dry land, and forming us.

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