Sarah Bechor

Huma vs. Ivanka and one big deep breath

I don’t do politics. But anyone who didn’t get trapped into the web this year, especially the last few months, weeks, days…. Congratulations. And I hope you survived locking yourself in a dark box in Iceland.

For the rest of us, it was Trump vs. Clinton sing-song all day. Donald Duck vs. Hillary. At the beginning I decided I’m not deciding. Then I decided that Hillary was the better of the two evils. Then I decided Donald was the best of the two evils. Then I decided I’m not deciding. And before I could make up my mind, he won.

Here’s the thing. We are all sick of this topic, including me, and I don’t want to talk about this anymore than you want to read about it. But I believe we all missed a big point.

From the reading and thinking I’ve done, we were all wrong about this who vs. who campaign. And if I had seen this earlier, everything would have been a lot clearer.

Regarding Israel and the Jews, Huma Abedin would have been the mouth whispering in Hillary’s ears as president. And Ivanka will be Trump’s. The real elections should have been viewed as Ivanka vs. Huma, as far as Israel is concerned.

I’m not saying I understand all the nuances, but reading the book “The Prime Ministers” has given me an accurate glimpse, from the words of Yehudah Avner a”h, of the importance of these whispering ears in the White House. Presidents are not dictators, no matter how much Trump is addicted to his own ego. The president’s opinion is one of the many deciding factors, but they don’t decide alone.

I don’t know if all the details of Huma are true, but even if half of them are, I think it would have been a disaster for USA and Israel to have her in the White House. Deeply deeply routed from an Islamic terrorist family, her own parents being Islam fundamentalists, growing up in Saudi Arabia, still maintaining strong connections with her family business (an organization that is funded and shares the same address as terrorist supporters) and continuing extremely strong ties with her connections from back home… How could anyone have voted for this whisperer? Hillary called her, “a second daughter”, visited her family more than once, and as we all know, a huge percent of her campaign was funded by Arabs in Saudi Arabia. More than that, Hillary would never ever say the words “Islam terrorists” or the like.

Ivanka on the other hand, as much as she doesn’t look like a fiercely religious Jew on the outside, she is a committed Orthodox Jew. Her conversion was Orthodox, and she keeps the main (most crucial) laws of Orthodoxy and more. OK, maybe she doesn’t shine in some Orthodox typical beliefs, but her root is committed to G-d, the Jewish people and Israel. She is the whisperer for Trump in this arena.

Huma turned to her family for help, and Ivanka turned to the Lubovitcher Rebbe.

Having now watched Trump’s speech about Israel and the Jews, at the AIPAC convention, and reading about Hillary’s strong ties with the Muslim terrorist world, I’m just taking a long big deep breath.

I can’t say Trump is a hero or someone I even respect or look up to. He will surely put a Trump sign on the White House, the smallest house he’s ever lived in, and I wonder if his first week he’ll walk around yelling, “You’re fired!!!”. However, even with his orange tint, he might be the answer to some big Israel and Middle East problems.

Ivanka whispering in Trump’s ears vs Huma whispering in Hillary’s ears, is at least if nothing else…a huge victory.

About the Author
Sarah Bechor is a freelance writer in addition to her full-time job as a content writer. She made Aliyah in 2007 and now lives with her husband and 4 children in Gush Etzion.