Israel’s Human Rights Record; Writing the Next Chapter


Now that Israel has resumed its station on the UN’s Human Rights Council, its total or partial control over areas where Palestinians reside will now be subject to an even greater degree of scrutiny, one very likely to be much more critical than was previously the case.

But an opportunity may also exist for prompting some serious introspection regarding Israel’s motives and procedures here, a root-and-branch re-evaluation of methods and techniques long employed in its dealings with all Palestinians, whether as individuals, groups or that of the populace as a whole.

What does the world perceive to be Israel’s chief purpose in its attitude towards Palestinians and the policies it adopts as a result? The general impression would seem to be that of containment, an understandable but inconvenient reality brought about by decades of contention and conflict. There has never been any let-up in this condition, no relaxation of its grip on both sides and only the very faintest prospect of any form of release happening at some point in a future yet to be determined.

Then it may be in everyone’s interest to bring that ‘release point’ much closer to the present day, haul it back to where it will do the most good and not leave it languishing in some temporal backwater far down the dim and distant corridors of time.

With this approach as the basis of a new Israeli+Palestinian relationship, the calling into question of Israel’s human rights record, among other things, must then rank as being that of the most supreme importance ever imagined. The Palestinian/Arab equivalent would also be very much of the same stripe.

The result? A complete cessation of violent activities, a firmer platform upon which to base an agreed settlement of all outstanding issues, a human rights record second to none in every one of the years ahead and, without doubt, a distinct improvement on the current state of affairs.

About the Author
Engineer, Virgo - now retired having worked 30 years in the field of medical diagnostic imaging for a major German multinational. Based in UK .