Shlomo Ezagui

Humility and Pride in One.

Our sages tell us that we were redeemed from Egypt in the month of Nissan, and the final redemption will come this month.

From creation, God chose Nissan as the month for redemption from Egypt. Jacob received his blessings on this month, Isaac was born on this month and was bound (by his father Abraham) on this month, and the future redemption will be on this month.

The Moshiach, who brings about the final redemption, is a mix of two extreme qualities that are opposites. On the one hand, he is a leper, a poor man riding on a donkey. This is a description of simplicity, lowliness, and great humility.

On the other hand, the prophet Zechariah calls him a King — “A King will come to you.” A King describes exaltedness, an elevated head, and shoulders over the common folk. A King is firm in his position of leadership and majesty. As the Talmud says, “The king’s command uproots mountains.”

Although it is written that King Moshiach will teach the greatest of the great and everyone will learn from the mouth of Moshiach, he will have this spectacular inner humility and relate to the simple people. He will adore and relish simple people, especially their unpretentious and straightforward dedication.

Everyone has inside themselves a small Moshiach, a supreme leader to lead them to peace and a Godly purpose. Every person needs this mix of traits to reach spiritual enlightenment and a deep level of happiness.

The Torah, and more specifically mysticism, teaches that the vessel to receive blessings, wisdom, and Godliness is sublimation to God and Godliness; a complete dismissal of the ego, a placing of one’s selfishness aside, so that none of the bloated and exaggerated self-image remains.

On the other hand, God expects a person to be totally dedicated, with singleness of purpose and absolute strength, to the mission he was created to fulfill. A person must muster all the power necessary to push aside any obstacles to achieve what he is expected to achieve.

How does a person embrace, at the same time that he has no sense of self, the intense power and extraordinary fortitude needed to go up against all that stands in his way?

Both drives flow from the same source.

The only place a person can draw absolute and never-ending strength in his service of God is the deep recognition that God is the only existence in the world. Therefore, nothing is real enough to ever stand in the way of what God desires and what is expected from each one of us.

The person who is saturated with the certainty that we are extensions of God’s plan in this universe — since “there is no place void of Him” and we can use our freedom of choice to either connect with this truth and channel God in the world or assert our perceived individuality and be restricted by our own limited strengths, takes his steps in life with a sense of absolute confidence.

The nothingness of the self makes room for the truth and power of God to reside inside the person. As it is said regarding Kind David, “His heart was elevated [and strong, because it was] in the path of God.”

God says, “I and the conceited cannot dwell together.” That is why ego is so destructive within a person. And therefore, Moshiach, because he will be the ultimate in humbleness before God, the ultimate vessel for Godliness, will be able to both relate to the simple and be the King to lead humankind to its final great destination

Chapter 186

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