Hunter the Lobbyist

He’s not a crook (or an unregistered foreign agent, money launderer, tax cheat, etc.), he’s a lobbyist!

Hunter Biden’s Wikipedia entry states:

“Biden then became a lobbyist, co-founding the firm of Oldaker, Biden & Belair.[28] According to Adam Entous of The New Yorker, Biden and his father established a relationship in which “Biden wouldn’t ask Hunter about his lobbying clients, and Hunter wouldn’t tell his father about them.”

Don’t let the logs showing that Hunter’s clients made dozens of visits to the White House, photographs of the golf trips and dinner with dad fool you. Who you gonna believe, Scranton Joe or your lying eyes?

These have not been a good last few days for Joe Biden and company.

Americans are finally learning that he has repeatedly lied to them about everything from the “51 experts” letter (election interference orchestrated by the Biden campaign and the CIA), the open border, the tanking economy, disastrous foreign relationships and his family’s enrichment.

Repr. James Comer (R-KY), Chair and members of the House Oversight Committee have uncovered evidence of millions of dollars paid to multiple Hunter Biden and Jim Biden owned Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs). Joe Biden continues to smirk and deny that he received anything of value from foreign interests. He apparently seems to suggest that if there is no evidence of the foreign entities or the LLCs directly paying him, he is in the clear.

(It’s a good time to remember that Biden graduated in the bottom 10% of his law school class.)


That’s why they call it “money laundering”. You launder money to conceal its source.

The House Oversight Committee has uncovered more about the Biden family in four months than the Department of Justice and FBI have admitted to finding in years.

One take-away, among others, from Comer’s 5/10/23 press conference is that there were many people in the banking industry who were contemporaneously alarmed by the “suspicious” foreign payments and wrote reports. Nothing was done.

Here’s some advice for the Committee.

Continue to follow the money trail, including foreign bank accounts and money deposited and dispersed from lawyers’ trust accounts. Subpoena the bank records of all Biden family member who received funds.

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