Hypocrisy & Paradoxy abound in Global View of Israel-Hamas War

Social media has managed to package group-think into a product and amplify people’s inability to be independent thinkers. In the case of Israel the Western liberal hive mind has decided that despite being the only democratic nation in the Middle East that Israel is the enemy that must be destroyed at all costs. 

Even after October 7th when Hamas, a barbaric terror organization, slaughtered, raped and tortured Israeli civilians leaving 1200 dead and over 230 kidnapped including 38 babies and children, the fact that we, in Israel, still must convince the world that this warrants a response is heartbreaking and horrifying. But not only must we convince the world of our right to defend ourselves, we must convince them that there is proof of this massacre, that terrorism is wrong and of our very value as human beings. It has become even more painfully apparent that to defend Israel is to be subjected to constant gaslighting. To defend Israel is to have to challenge the very structures put in place that are meant to maintain world civility, including intergovernmental and human right organizations, activist groups and academia. 

As a result, I think the mass misunderstanding and misinformation about Israel is not due to a “loss in the PR war,” as I have heard from many well-meaning supporters of Israel. I believe that in order for Israel to “win” the PR war, people would have to start to question the integrity of individuals and institutions they have been taught act as a global moral compass and acknowledge the deeply entrenched antisemitism that lies within them. 

This is a very tall order. How can we, as Jews, explain the respected activists and officials who have come out with their own versions of the October 7th attack, managing to either blame Israel for the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust or denying it ever happened at all. Examples include: UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutteres, who provided a thinly veiled justification for terrorism by suggesting that the Hamas attack was a result of Israel’s control of Palestinian territories, even though Gaza has not been under Israel’s jurisdiction for 19 years. Climate activist Greta Thunberg, who demanded a ceasefire without ever mentioning the hideous catalyst that caused the war in the first place. Women’s right activist Malala Yousafzai, who despite being a victim of radical Islamic terrorism herself, has neglected to mention the heinous attacks that occurred in Israel, where women and girls were violently raped and paraded around the streets of Gaza. Not once did any of them blame Hamas for the plight of Gazans, nor did they care to mention that Hamas is commensurate to ISIS in its cruelty, that they treat their women as subpar humans and their children as soldiers, martyrs and human shields. They all did, however, manage to blame Israel for the war, declaring that it must de-escalate the conflict immediately. Collectively, Guiterres, Thunberg and Yousafzai have an Instagram following of over 17 million people. 

Their hypocrisy is elusive for the average person, who follows “activists” in order to know who and what to believe. Sadly, followers do not see that the activists’ emphasis on the plight of Palestinians only serves to try and delegitimize the Jewish State and not to enact any actual change for Palestinians. Followers do not see that if the activist actually cared about Gazans that they would condemn Hamas. The follower does not see that the vilification of the State of Israel takes precedence over the truth. What followers do see is Israel as the aggressor, who has decided, seemingly without reason, to go to war with Gaza. 

This brings me to the question of why; why is it that so many “peace” activists hate the only truly liberal nation in the Middle East? One answer is that in Western liberal circles it is widely accepted that “whiteness” is the root of all evil. Over the course of the evolution of Western liberal movements, Israel has come to be falsely conflated with whiteness, privilege and colonialism and is therefore evil incarnate. However, this narrative negates not only the racial diversity of Jews but also our collective ancestral ties to Israel. As much as you may try to deny it, Jews are indigenous to Israel. We are neither foreigners nor colonialists. The location of our Jewish nation was not chosen at random. Judaism and Israel are inextricably linked; returning to Jerusalem is a cornerstone of our faith. It’s in our most sacred texts dating back thousands of years. And since we always have to prove ourselves, there are artifacts constantly dug up all over Israel that prove our presence here for millenia. 

Using a Western framework of race to view this conflict is like trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. Yet we are continuously bludgeoned with that square peg over and over again. Israel is not an apartheid state, it provides equal rights to all of its citizens regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or sexuality. Israel is not a colonialist entity, it is a legitimate state founded legally on the principles of freedom and democracy. The belief that Israel has some hidden nefarious plan to “ethnically cleanse” the area is the epitome of antisemitism. It highlights the inclination to believe that Jews have all the power and a secret supremacist desire to replace everyone else. This is straight out of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, a core book of the anti-semitic canon detailing a Jewish plot for global domination. 

Despite the facts, the prominent narrative remains, that Israel is the ruthless oppressor and Palestinians the virtuous victims. With this notion already widely held by people of my generation, to stand up for Israel is to not only have the validity of your views called into question but your very moral character. 

I myself identify as liberal and subscribe to its intended tenants of freedom and equality for everyone of every race, religion, gender and creed. The Israel-Hamas war has shown us that many “liberals” have chosen to trade these very basic principles in favor of “moral relativism,” anti-Western and anti-Jewish sentiment. The “Free Palestine” movement flagrantly distorts facts, demonizes Jews, preys on the young, mostly well intentioned, albeit ignorant populace and promotes an agenda that not only ignores Israel’s right to exist but further entrenches Palestinians in a state-less, war-torn future. 

If people actually believe in the freedom of Gaza then they must stop peddling the paradox of Palestinian “liberation” while simultaneously ignoring Hamas. By excusing the behavior of Hamas, supposed liberals are accomplices in Palestinian oppression and ambassadors of genocide against Jews. No amount of “woke” social media virtue signaling can ever absolve them of that. 

About the Author
Sami Israel is originally from New York and now resides in Tel Aviv. She holds a bachelor's degree in international affairs and is a passionate advocate for Israel.
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