I am ISRAEL!… No, really…I am!

What I’m about to tell you has been coming back to me in bits and pieces during the past few weeks. I was hoping it will stay in that dark quiet place deep inside and never show itself again and leave me be but guess not!

I had the pleasure of being raised in Persia (aka Islamic republic of Iran) I remember my early years being very happy; friends with all, Muslims, baha’i, Armenian Christians and all, living in harmony even after all hell which we now know as Islamic revolution broke loose. During the insanity of the revolution, the fear of leaving our homes to go play with kids next door, listening and watching as the Islamic extremist turned our beautiful prosperous country into a dump yard, I waited for the next school year to start. I was in first grade elementary in a school which was amazing in the year passed to all my other siblings, but now the children stand in the court yard lined up like little solders every morning fists in the air shouting “Death to America” …. “Death to Israel”…. And then the heads turn towards this little girl standing there named Israel! I don’t blame ANY of them since at 6 -7-8 years old not that many kids in far far lands know the difference between Israel the imaginary enemy we wish death upon on daily bases and Israel the girl standing in out courtyard …

I had daily beatings on regular basis, food thrown at me, my books pens and pencils ripped and broken while they laughed, and No one came to my rescue. I was too afraid to tell my parents, after all you don’t bring another “Israel“ into this mess! Thankfully (God bless older brothers) one day he saw me as he passed the school yard and watched as I had food thrown at me, Told on me and I was moved to an all Jewish school that following year.

Years come and go, live in love and harmony with loving people of Iran but in horror with the lawless government of Iran, trying to make the best of what we had during the war , My amazing parents trying to make life as happy and normal as possible… we hide in the basement as my father tries to calm us and half the neighborhood down by making kebab and telling jokes as the bombs drop all around us. We tried to warn our friends when we knew the Islamic police was grabbing young boys in the street without informing parents and taking them to the army….you know your normal day to day life!

At 15 I attended a birthday party with my brother, a bunch of cousins, young family members and friends we were all between 15 to 19 years old Jewish kids. (Trust me nothing like our American counterparts, no drinking, nothing but music and good food and company).The Islamic police found out about our little get together, broke the doors down guns wailing in the air and arrested all of us. We were put in prison for 48 hours before our family were able to come forward and leave their livelihood to get the kids out. We were detained as Political Prisoners since apparently that week coincided with Pahlavi’s Son’s birthday (who knew) and apparently acording to the hesbollah police that’s what we were celebrating.

We were kept in two rooms. One for the girls and one for the boys in the old castle of Shah in a damp basement room on concrete floor with no bedding except what our parents were able to pass through the guards. Our families were able to post bail & we were ordered back to go in front of a judge in order to get the collaterals freed (homes, businesses ets.)  In our naive minds thought we are Jewish… kids what can happen we will pay a fine and get out.

On Judgment day, as we sat waiting for the dirty Mullah who was the judge and the jury to hear our case I watched a mother and her child who’s face is forever etched in my mind. The child was no more than 8 years old, she was raped by her grandfather (dad’s dad) mother was begging the court for justice for her child, she had the girls bloodied underwear as evidence in her fist and the answer she received as the old perverted grandfather sat there smiling was *THERE ARE NO MEN HERE TO VOUCH FOR YOU, YOUR WORDS CARRY NO WEIGHT, YOU HAVE NO CASE, UNLESS YOU FIND A MALE WITNESS*.

Back to our case, we were found guilty by the smelly uneducated Mullah to be Political Prisoners and under their lawless land we were ordered to be lashed, Yes …Lashed Like Animals … 35 for women (girls) and 75 for men (boys) … with a bull wipe that left its braided marks on our gentle innocent backs. They hit the women first, out of sight & took pleasure in watching us sob as they marched us up the stairs & started hitting our brothers, cousins, and in one case fiancé in front of us as our parents begged and cried and screamed watching behind the gates of the one time golden palace. To this day I’m not sure which pain was worse, the lashes that hit my back or watching my brother? Or watching my helpless parents?

lash grid

Few years later we lost my Uncle to a gruesome murderer, he was stabbed multiple times and then nearly beheaded by a Muslim “friend” of him who happened to know there was cash in the house that night. The clear motive behind the murder was robbery even though it was so horrific. Once the lawless court system got involved the Muslim man claimed that “the Jew spoke in negative way about Quran so I cut off his head” he was ordered to pay a price of a camel to the survivors (my mother) and get on with his life. As my father tried to press on for judicial system it was made very clear to him by the family members of the murderer that “unless you want the same faith for your wife and all your children you will let this go”. Imagine having to choose between Justice & your families safety? So that’s the law kill someone for money and point fingers to Quran.

I watched as our families, our friends, our neighbors of all religions left their lives behind one by one and left the country. Hotels, buildings, lands, homes all left for the dogs that run the country. Eventually I was sent away for my own safety and it was years before I saw my family again. the next time my Whole family was together was over 21 years later as my father laid dying in the hospital, he made it long enough to ensure my mother’s safety and to say goodbye…. that’s what Islam took from us…. Not Iranians, But Islam!

If tomorrow I hear we had to go bomb Iran because the Iranian government or the nuclear threat became too dangerous I will not cry for that country (well maybe for the art effect that is irreplaceable). Those who know will get out of the way and those who stay are casualty of war. If I have to choose between me and my family living or someone else I CHOOSE ME!

I AM ISRAEL, I SURVIED for that I will Not apologize! I AM A ZIONIST, Jewish people of the world need to know there is always a safe haven out there…. For That we will not apologies. ISRAEL SHOULD AND WILL Fight To SURVIVE, No Apologies Ever! If Israel does not ensure its survival all other free democratic countries will fall one by one, in my humble opinion you should all get down on your knees and kiss the feet of every IDF solder who’s fighting YOUR battle

Whether you’re left wing right wing, with or without wing, are all waddle like a penguin or can sore the skies like an eagle, are built like a hovercraft barely lifting off the ground or a shuttle that can fly to the outer space….. You Must Stand With Israel. Israel is not just fighting for “Israel”… Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihadists are American, European & a worldwide threat, How easy we forget they were in our land mass murdering us and then passing candy in the streets in celebration of our death. it wasn’t that long ago ….. they are in our backyards in our lands & given the opportunity they will rip our throat apart with their bare teeth & point the fingers at someone else. They have no mercy for anyone including their own children..… our president is clearly a failure, UN is & always has been a joke (in my opinion we should get rid of all those idiots and build a luxury condominium water front downtown NYC and make some money instead of losing taxpayers money and manpower to protect a bunch of tyrants from coming here under our protection while they scream death to America at home). Israel keeps putting their hands in front of a rabid dog and expects not to be bitten, no more cease fire, no more humanitarian aid, no more water supplies, and no more power supply. If the Palestinians really feel that desperate they will have to do what we did, leave everything behind and get the hell out of there to one of the neighboring Arab countries, god knows there’s plenty of room out there for them all. Leave the land to the terrorists so the job can be finished once and for all.

It’s not about Muslim vs. Jewish. It’s about terrorists who will never stop! stand up for what’s right, we as a nation cannot afford to lose this war.